Taylor Swift’s Album ‘Lover’ Touches Fans’ Hearts


Photo By Photo Courtesy of Taylor Swift

Photo Courtesy of Taylor Swift

By Keya Sampat, Campus News Editor

Famous pop singer Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated album Lover on Friday, Aug. 23, which instantly excited many fans and received many positive reviews. It sounded like a combination of all her past eras, from new pop to acoustic guitar. However, altogether this album was not as dark as her last one, Reputation, which was more synthetic-pop and electric. Throughout the album, she managed to include some very comprehensive and detailed lyrics, which thoroughly encapsulated all of her feelings, from love to deep sadness.

The first track, I Forgot That You Existed, started out with Swift putting her old feelings of hatred behind her, and starting off new. It was very cheery, showing to the world that she is in a happy phase in her life and has also increased in maturity over the past few years. The next track is Cruel Summer, similar to two other songs in this album Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince and London Boy, all catchy bops that sounded familiar to some of her older songs. I liked all of the lyrics that she wrote these songs, as they clearly described various aspects of her life.

Additionally, Swift went back to her country roots a little bit, especially in the beginning of Paper Ring which sounded a lot like her old album Fearless. The track right after this, Cornelia Street, is very different, as she sounds like she is in a daydream, imagining the worst that could happen. This effectively portrayed Swift’s true feelings and vulnerability, and showed how talented with lyrics she really is. These songs showed how vast this album is in it’s music and lyrics. 

The track that touched my heart the most is You’ll Get Better Soon which was about her mother fighting breast cancer. Swift has rarely directly spoken about this before, and in this track she expresses her true feelings about the sorrow and anxiety she felt, and still feels to this day. The Dixie Chicks accompany her in this song through their rhythmic harmonies. 

Another very prominent attribute in Lover is Swift’s allusion to current social and political issues, such as sexism and LGBTQ rights. In her single You Need to Calm Down, Swift emphasizes on equal rights for everyone, a topic that she previously never spoke about. Additionally, in The Man, a synth-pop, Swift mentions sexism, more specifically in the music industry. Here, she ponders whether society would perceive her differently if she were a man. In both of these songs, Swift lets her frustration and opinion shine through clearly. 

Swift managed to compress all of her varied feelings in one album, with a lot of contrasting styles intertwined inside it. This album broke global records as the top album debut in the history of Amazon Music, and an Apple Music Pre-Add Record before the album dropped. Overall, Lover is a successful album that is filled with emotions, thoughtful lyrics, and catchy music.