Academy Ambassadors Hold First Roundup Meeting

Srilekha Cherukuvada, Dreamcatcher Editor in Chief

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  • After the breakout session, Cesar Monagas ’21 signs in on a laptop.

  • Welcoming new students to the Academy Ambassadors program, Academy Specialist Ms. Lucy Sanchez discusses ways to get involved.

  • Seniors Jordan Prado and Rustin Mehrabani-Farsi pay attention to the topics of the Business & Industry breakout session.

  • As Mrs. Sanchez speaks, Srivaishnavi Marreddy ’22 looks at the presentation.

  • During the icebreaker, Rehana Shaik ’20 talks to another student.

  • Looking at the presentation, students listen to Ms. Sanchez’s introduction to the Academy Ambassadors.

  • While Darya Mohajeri ’21 listens, Alyssa Andrew ’22 talks about what she did over the summer. Mohajeri spoke about visiting France to the group. “I visited my family who lives in France and it was a great trip,” Mohajeri said.

  • As part of an icebreaker, ambassadors separate into groups and chat with each other.

  • To be introduced as Governing Team members, Harini Rao ’20, Erika Yao ’20, and Cathleen Li ’21 stand at the front.

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The cafeteria flooded with new and old ambassadors eager to learn about the events for the upcoming year at the first Academy Ambassador roundup on Tuesday, Sept. 3. After the large general meeting with sponsor Ms. Lucy Sanchez, students moved into breakout sessions to learn more about their specific academies and upcoming events.

“I feel pretty good about joining ambassadors this year. I know a few people here as well so I’m excited to be a part of a new opportunity,” new ambassador Pramod Venkoba Rao ‘23 said. “I’m most excited for the socials and the event planning and how they would be opportunities for me.”

After signing in and grabbing snacks provided by Ms. Sanchez, students took their seats and listened as Ms. Sanchez began the presentation. Basic information, opportunities, and dates were provided, and then ambassadors participated in an icebreaker to meet more new people. 

“I think this year is going to be really good because a lot of the kids who have joined and returning members show a lot of potential. So I think the year’s going to go pretty smoothly,” Business and Industry Governing Team Ambassador Vani Shah ‘20 said. “I’m most excited about having more programs that combine different academies because those intersections are really underrepresented. Having them be combined will be really neat to have ambassadors meet one another and to share their side of the same career or perspective.”

Students then attended breakout sessions within their individual academies, in which general discussions for the upcoming year were held. Governing ambassadors regulated the discussions by asking questions and exchanging views on how to make the events better this year.

“I feel so excited seeing the number of business and industry ambassadors and just all of the ambassadors in the meeting today seem to have grown from last year across academies,” Business and Industry Academy Lead Teacher Glenda Hovenkamp said. “I’m very excited about the partner development committee which is going to be trying to recruit new business partners for all of the academies. They made a start last year, which made a difference in our academy, and so I just think it’s a great thing.”

The next roundup meeting will be held on Monday, Oct. 7, starting with the smaller breakout sessions first, and then the larger general meeting in the cafeteria.