Fight Breaks Out In Cafeteria

On Sept. 9, during B lunch, a fight broke out in the cafeteria. Fire, ambulance, and police personnel were present at the school, and students buzzed with speculation and varying accounts. 

Students reported that they saw a fight take place in the cafeteria. One eyewitness said that she saw a student passed out near the doors in the cafeteria by the band stairwell, and another reported that she saw a girl on the floor “shaking uncontrollably” as if having a seizure.  A student was wheeled from the building on a gurney by emergency personnel. An unidentified person was observed walking into the building with police officers.

“There was this group of kids at this table,” Catherine Ray’ 22 said, “I think they were juniors. When I looked behind me this guy who works here is pulling this one girl off another girl. She had a nosebleed that was all over the floor.” 

Although Principal Mario Acosta has confirmed that there was an issue, no official report has been released. 

“We just had a student issue where she needed medical attention,” Principal Acosta said. “We had to keep everyone bottled in while the EMS came and helped.”

Officer Jim Willaby declined to comment on this ongoing investigation.