Freshman Volleyball Defeated By Cedar Ridge 2-1

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  • Kylie Woodlow ’23 serves the ball. The serve led to the team scoring a point, which led to them winning the first set.

  • Brooklyn Zeschuk ’23 spikes the ball. This hit scored the Warriors a point, getting them closer to winning the set.

  • Brooklyn Zeschuk ’23 passes the ball to the setter. Zeschuk reaches and saves the ball, allowing her setter to set it to a hitter.

  • Ella Wood ’23 bumps the ball over the net. Wood saved the ball from hitting the ground, giving them a point.

  • Ella Wood ’23 and Kylie Wardlow ’23 jump and block the ball. Wardlow played as a middle blocker and Wood played as an outside hitter.

  • Tanisha Balaggan ’23 bumps the ball after it was served by the Raiders. Balaggan was positioned as a middle back hitter.

  • Katie Liu ’23 tips the ball to the Raiders. Cedar Ridge did not expect the ball to come up short, giving the Warriors the point.

  • Eliana Oquendo ’23 bumps the ball and gets it over the net. Oquendo was the last one to hit the ball, saving it from allowing the Cedar Ridge from winning the point.

  • Katie Liu ’23 sets the ball for Kylie Wardlow ’23. This type of teamwork led the team to win their first set.

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The freshman volleyball team played against the Cedar Ridge Raiders on Friday, Sept. 6. Although it was a tough game, the Lady Warriors lost 2-1. 

“I think we played really sloppy today,” Katie Liu ‘23 said. “We were way too laid back by the second set, and we didn’t really show up until the last six points.”

In the first set, the Warriors were showing great potential. Eliana Oquendo ‘23 scored four points with her serves, as well as amazing passes. Great teamwork was shown by Liu, setting the ball perfectly for Kylie Woodlow ‘23, scoring the winning point for the set. 

“The first set we played really good,” Woodlow said. “Our communication was good, we were talking, we were there, and we were getting our feet to the ball.” 

The Warriors started off weak in the second set, allowing the Raiders to score five points. Even though they were losing, the Lady Warriors scored some spectacular points. Ella Wood ‘23 set the ball over the net, saving the team from losing a point, while Tanisha Balaggan ‘23 also saved the ball multiple times from strong serves by the Raiders. Although they lost the second set, they slowly started catching up in the third set. Great blocks by Wood and Woodlow gave the Warriors three points, catching them up to 14-11. Eventually, the Raiders won by a score of 25-17.

“The second set we kind of did we we’ve done three times in a row now where we kind of just played more relaxed, thinking that we could just take it easy,” Woodlow ‘23 said. “We tried to get our feet back under the ball in the third set but it didn’t really work out in our favor.” 

The freshman team’s next game will be against Hendrickson on Friday, Sept. 13th.