JV Orange Volleyball Taken Down by Cedar Ridge 2-0

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  • Eyeing the ball, Melani Helms ’22 prepares to serve it. Throughout the second set, Helms made a number of successful serves, but it was not enough to defeat the Raiders.

  • Along with a teammate, Trinity Woods ’23 jumps in attempt to block the ball. The point ended up going to the Warriors.

  • In the first set, Claire Delane ’23 prepares to hit the ball. The play resulted in a point to the Raiders.

  • Kenna Williams ’22 jumps to serve the ball. Williams’ serve resulted in a point for the Warriors towards the end of the second set.

  • In the air, Trinity Woods ’23 tips the ball over the net. The Warriors won the point but were still down 12-7 in the first set.

  • Working in unison, Claire Delane ’23 and Vibha Velur ’23 jump in attempt to deflect the ball. The Warriors ended up winning the point during the second set.

  • In the first set, Vibha Velur ’23 tips the ball over the net. The Raiders ended up winning the point to take the lead.

  • LIbero Melani Helms ’22 bumps the ball during the second set. The play resulted in a point for the Warriors, but it was not enough to catch up to the Raiders.

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The JV Orange volleyball team played against the Cedar Ridge Raiders on Friday, Sept. 6. Each set was close, but the Warriors lost 2-0. 

The Warriors began the game by scoring a point, but the Raiders were not far behind keeping the score tied for the first few minutes. Despite an impressive spike by Trinity Woods ‘23 which caught Cedar Ridge off guard and a sliding save from Lauren Wood ‘21, the Raiders began to pull ahead. The Warriors lost the first set 25-20. 

“I think I played ok, I could have done better at communicating and being energetic and talking louder,” Wood said.

The second set started off with the ball getting stuck in the rafters, but once they got a new ball the Warriors scored the got off to a hot start. The girls were doing well, scoring 4 points in quick succession to go up 5-0, but the Raiders then took the lead and kept it. As Cedar Ridge drew closer to winning, the Warriors did their best to hold them off. Claire Delane ‘23 spiked the ball and made the last point for her team, but the Warriors lost the set 24-18.

“I think we played really timid, our playing ability wasn’t the issue, it was just the mentality,” Lauren Kelley ‘21 said.

The Warriors will take on the Hendrickson Hawks at Hendrickson on Friday, Sept. 13.