JV White Volleyball Falls Short Against Cedar Ridge 2-1

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  • Tayte Webster ‘23 sets the ball into the air for another player to hit over the net. Webster’s set led to the Lady Warriors scoring another point over the Cedar Ridge Raiders.

  • Lydia Harris ‘22 sets the ball into the air for Allie Shepherd ‘22 to hit over the net. With their teamwork, Harris and Shepherd score a point.

  • Abbey Jennings ‘22 bumps the backwards to Cedar Ridge, scoring a point. This is Jennings’ second year playing volleyball as a Lady Warrior.

  • Catie Duff ‘22 spikes the ball. Despite Duff’s efforts, Vista Ridge scored a point on the play.

  • Lydia Harris ’22 sets the ball into the air. Harris, with the help of another teammate, ended up scoring a point.

  • Aria Hegde ’22 bumps the ball into the air for another player to hit the ball over the net. The play ended with the Lady Warriors scoring a point.

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The JV White Lady Warriors played against the Cedar Ridge Raiders on Friday, Sept. 6, but unfortunately were beaten 2-1. 

“Overall, I think we did pretty well. There were some moments where it wasn’t so good, so we have still got work to do,” coach Lanea Meyer said. “We were down 9-22 [in the first set] and then came back, so I was very proud of them for that.”

In the first set, the Warriors had a very strong start with Melani Helms ‘22 taking the first serve and Abbey Jennings ‘22 spiking the ball to score the opening point. They were crushing the Raiders, winning 4-1, but soon trailed behind 9-8. Afterwards, Ellie Duff ‘22 took the next serve and Jennings lightly hit the ball over the net to score. Within the intense final minutes of the set, the Lady Warriors made a stunning comeback and won 28-26.

“In the beginning of each set we kind of let our opponents intimidate us… but I feel good about how hard we kept going. We didn’t give up and it was a really close game,” Catie Duff ‘22 said.

The Warriors began strongly in the second set, scoring two points right off the bat, but soon lagged behind 9-3 as the game proceeded. However, even though they were losing, the Warriors executed many amazing plays; at one point, Tayte Webster ‘23 made a spectacular diving save. The Warriors slowly caught up with the Raiders 14-14, but the Raiders retook the lead 23-20. Only down 23-22, they were extremely close to winning the second set, but unfortunately Cedar Ridge scored another point, causing the Warriors to lose 25-23.

“I believe we can improve by working on our serve-receive and communication, because we had some problems [with that],” Bella Schiesz ‘23 said.

At the start of the third set, the Raiders took the lead and the Warriors started to fall far behind. Later in the set, the score, 19-8, was becoming very lopsided, and the hope for the Warriors to win was waning. However, they regained their confidence and went on a run to catch up with the Raiders and tie the score at 25. It was beginning to seem as if the Warriors would win, but the Raiders scored one more point, defeating the Warriors 26-25.

“After the game it was a little bit disappointing that we lost, but I was excited to see the fight that they had,” Coach Meyer said. “[The team is] finding out that they are better than they thought they were, and they are becoming mentally tough. I’m looking forward to getting some more wins [this season].”

The Lady Warriors will play again and seek to bounce back from this tough defeat at Hendrickson on Friday, Sept. 13.