Mimi Bay Elevates Indie Genre with Album ‘daydreams’


Mimi Bay

The cover depicts Mimi Bay as a blurry illusion and the cover exemplifies her scattered daydreams and the ethereal quality of her songs. Bay released her newest album daydreams on Nov. 15.

Swedish singer, songwriter, and producer Mimi Bay begun her music career with the release of her debut album I Will Be Okay in 2017. With a melodic voice and sweetly lilting lyrics, her songs can best be described as entrancing ballads, with words reminiscent of poetry being scribbled away in a notebook. After her entrance into the music scene, Bay released several other singles including Afraid in 2018, in your neighbors garden, as well as really in 2019. Only 18 years old, she began showcasing her songs on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube along with a few covers and other videos on her channel. Though not necessarily mainstream, Bay captures an essence of songwriting and originality that is a breath of fresh air from other artists her age and is an example of an ever changing Indie music genre. The artist unveiled her newest work daydreams, an album with three spectacularly crafted songs. 

The first song featured on the album is wyd which begins with a gorgeous guitar entrance which is soon accompanied by her quiet and gentle tone quality. Her high notes are never piercing in sound but rather float, sounding carefree which results in a balance between volume and a breathy and airy rhythm. The song radiates with nostalgia, an almost bittersweet feeling. The lyrics which speak of the cold and and her longing for the sunny days of the past can be interpreted as her reminiscing over memories of joy and youth. She speaks of occasionally “losing her grip on reality” which stings in a quiet sort of sadness that pairs well with the resonance of her calm yet sustained voice. 

After wyd comes daydream, which blends mellow rhythmic background musicality with simple yet ideal lyrics for the laid back vibe this song strives for and executes well. This song can be compared to a day of doing nothing, basking in the simplicity of life and spending long, winding hours in pools of thought. Bay then refers to an individual who is a  daydream, a figment of her imagination whisked away by the reality of day to day life. The almost delicate nature of the song, reminds the listener of feelings of young love, heartbreak and memories that now seem pale and fading.

2am apollo incorporates references to the solar system and includes synths that feel like the vastness of space, far and distant. The song is definitely about a broken heart and the deep sadness and anger that follows. A long interlude of solely background music plays for a majority of the song, which vibrates with beats in a zen, almost tranquil feel. An obvious reflection of her feelings shine through the lyrics “I hope space isn’t too crammed for you” with paint a picture of her resentment and brokenness towards someone she once cared strongly for. The dreamy lyrics “floating through the sky” as she seemingly “lets the days pass by” speak of how her past experiences have shaped her past and her present outlook on life. 

Though not part of her newest album, a notable listen to consider is really. Though I love all three songs of daydreams, they have yet to topple really for me. The song speaks of unrequited love, and the longing for someone who doesn’t notice her. This song speaks of the turbulence of teenagehood and the wishful thoughts of a reciprocated love. This song speaks to her artistic style and harmonious music that makes her unique. In addition, Time is great because of the way Bay compares the drifting and rapid passing of time as an “enemy” to the blissful days of the present. The pairing of whistling and the strumming of a ukulele add another layer to the song.

Overall, daydreams is an idyllic creation with smooth instrumental ballads that can be listened to on a loop. I appreciate her music because it is distinct from radio pop and elevates the Indie/Soft Pop genre. Even the fact that she produces her own music speaks volumes and shows her dedication. I am thrilled for any upcoming projects she may be working on, as she represents independent artists making music solely because they love it.