Varsity Girls’ Basketball Overcomes Shoemaker 60-50

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  • Reaching up, Annalise Galliguez ’20 takes one of two shots from the free throw line. These shots ended up getting Westwood two more points.

  • A defensive player on her back, Anisha Chintala ’21 passes the ball to her teammate which led to another point for the Warriors. During the second quarter the Warriors were able to make up their score gap scoring a stunning 17 points.

  • Desi Davalos ’22 runs for a layup. Before Davalos could score the shot the referee called a foul giving the Warriors a two-point boost.

  • Annalise Galliguez ’20 attempts to shoot a basket. Unfortunately, Galliguez was unable to make the shot so the Wolves got possession of the ball.

  • Jumping, Desi Davalos ’22 shoots a free throw. This was her second shot and she ended up scoring one more point for the Warriors.

  • Peyton Halley ’21 dribbles the ball past the Wolves’ defense. Halley was able to shoot a layup during this play.

  • Peyton Halley ’21 throws the ball above the defensive player. Halley, a junior, plays the position of a guard on the team.

  • Jumping, Kooper Giles ’20 rebounds her missed shot. After the rebound the team was able to get another chance at the shot and ended up shooting a two-pointer.

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The varsity girls’ basketball team faced against the Shoemaker Wolves on Tuesday, Nov. 19 and prevailed 60-50. Despite the win, the game consisted of combative fouls and a mass of turnovers. 

“In the past we’ve had a lot of really strong individuals but this year everyone provides something to the team and we are all helping in our own ways,” Kooper Giles ‘20 said.

Starting the first quarter with a tip-off, Ginna Grant ‘21 passed the ball to guard Annalise Galliguez ‘20 but Shoemaker stole the ball and scored the first basket of the game, a two-pointer. The Warriors followed the Wolves as Giles shot a two-pointer but was countered by Shoemaker. From each team, fouls were being placed on the floor from the aggressive defense. Shoemaker developed a fast-paced offense and took the lead with layups. The first quarter ended 17-5 with the Warriors behind. 

The second quarter began with Shoemaker’s ball but Grant jumped up to catch the rebound and passed to Anisha Chintala ‘21 who ended up getting fouled. Chintala made both free throws, which boosted the team’s energy. The Warriors chased behind the Wolves as Desi Davalos ‘22 and Chintala used their skills to rack up points. Galliguez used her aggressive defense to steal the ball a variety of times and assisted the Lady Warriors. The second quarter ended with the Warriors behind 24-22. 

“During the first and second quarter our shots weren’t going in and we were playing as individuals,” Galliguez said.

The third quarter became rough as both teams played aggressive and scored plenty of points. Determined to take the lead, Giles shot a three-pointer which helped the Warriors gain a rhythm. The ladies used their powerful defense to steal the ball multiple times and score multiple baskets. However, the Wolves didn’t give up and decreased the margin with free throws and quick layups. Davalos and Galliguez bounced back with shots from around the court. Giles finished the third quarter with two free throws, with the Warriors ahead 44-38.

“We came back because we got more aggressive at the basket and we worked and played together as a team,” Galliguez said.

Shoemaker started the final quarter with a two-pointer but Chintala answered by making two free throws. Serena Baruah ‘21, Davalos, Galliguez, and Chintala ran through the Wolves’ defense and scored a numerous amount of points. With very little time on the clock, Shoemaker desperately fouled Davalos hoping to rebound the ball, but Davalos made both free throws. The opponent tried to get more points in but the clock ran out of time. The game ended 60-50 in the Warriors’ favor.

“This year we have goals, like not turning away the ball as much and not fouling as much because our team tends to get really aggressive at times,” Giles said. “We need to improve on our defense and make sure we keep ourselves in check and not get too spastic on the court.”

The Lady Warriors will face the Stony Point Tigers on Tuesday, Nov. 26 for the start of district play.