Westwood Horizon

Dribbling the ball down the court, Desi Davalos '22 scans the court for an opening. Davalos would go on to make a three-pointer during the first quarter which brought the score to 10-2.

Varsity Girls’ Basketball Conquers Stony Point 54-52

January 15, 2020

The varsity girls’ basketball team faced off against the Stony Point Tigers on Tuesday, Jan. 14, and reigned victorious 54-52. The game day theme was Future Warriors Night, a night to show Canyon V...

Varsity Girls' Basketball Falls to Hendrickson 53-52

Varsity Girls’ Basketball Falls to Hendrickson 53-52

December 12, 2019

The varsity girls' basketball team squared off against the Hendrickson Hawks on Tuesday, Dec. 10, but despite their tough efforts, the ladies fell to the Hawks, 53-52, in a fast-paced game.  Hendricks...

Dribbling down the court, power forward Desi Davalos '22 scans for teammates to make a pass to. Despite efforts from the team, the Lady Warriors were unable to pull ahead of the Raiders during the first half.

Varsity Girls’ Basketball Defeats Cedar Ridge Raiders 55-50

December 4, 2019

The varsity girls' basketball faced off against the Cedar Ridge Raiders on Tuesday, Dec. 3 and emerged victorious in an intense nail-biter game on Faculty Night. The Lady Warriors bounced back from a tr...

Peyton Halley '21 throws the ball above the defensive player. Halley, a junior, plays the position of a guard on the team.

Varsity Girls’ Basketball Overcomes Shoemaker 60-50

November 20, 2019

The varsity girls’ basketball team faced against the Shoemaker Wolves on Tuesday, Nov. 19 and prevailed 60-50. Despite the win, the game consisted of combative fouls and a mass of turnovers.  ...

Annalise Galliguez '20 and Kenzie Beckham '21 prepare to play defense.

Varsity Girls’ Basketball Falls to Cedar Park Timberwolves 53-38 In Season Opener

November 9, 2019

The varsity girls basketball team fell to the Cedar Park Timberwolves 53-38 in their first game of the season on Friday, Nov. 8.  The Warriors started strong with two three pointers and a two pointer scor...

Anisha Chintiala '21 shoots the ball.

Varsity Girls’ Basketball Falls Against Vista Ridge 56-48

December 8, 2018

Spectators were treated to an entertaining contest on Friday, Dec. 7, as the varsity girls’ basketball team looked to defend their home court against the Vista Ridge Rangers, but the team fell in a tight...

Desi Davalos '22 plays aggresive offense as she sprints to the other side of the court after a rebound.

Varsity Girls’ Basketball Annihilates Stony Point 53-32

November 21, 2018

The varsity girls’ basketball team successfully defended their home court on Tuesday, Nov. 20 against Stony Point, with a final score of 53-32. Despite their much larger point total, the road lead...