Christmas Classics: ‘The Knight Before Christmas’


The Knight Before Christmas is a delightful, heartwarming tale of a Christmas love that transcends time. Graphic by Anouka Saha

When people mention being saved by a knight in shining armor, it’s usually not in the literal sense. But for high school teacher Brooke, that’s exactly what happened  While not the most engaging or well-made movie, The Knight Before Christmas is a lighthearted rom-com which brings a smile to your face all Christmas season.

The clever play on words in its title drew me to this movie, promising light, fluffy romance with laughter throughout.  The Knight Before Christmas also stayed true to its name, having the knight, Sir Cole, fulfill a mission before midnight on Christmas Eve. The catch was he couldn’t complete his quest in his timeline of medieval England- he had to go to present day America, leading to hilarious hijinks in a completely new world. 

While there were attempts at comedy throughout the film, the sheer dorkiness of it was what ultimately won me over. There were scenes such as Brooke (played by Vanessa Hudgens) spilling hot chocolate all over Sir Cole and then becoming flustered by him. Moments like these which were just plain fun brought a smile to my face and compelled me to continue watching.

The appeal of this movie is also how easy it is to follow. The first time I watched this, I was at my friends house and was multitasking most of the time. Yet I was never confused and always knew where the plot was going. I also spotted references to other Christmas movies created by netflix, including A Christmas Prince. The easter eggs were fun pieces of the movie to recognize, not detracting from the story but still adding on to the experience of watching.

One of the plot holes I found rather hilarious was Brooke falling in love with a man she clearly thinks is crazy. Though she finds Sir Cole attractive, I find it hard to believe she would fall in love with someone she thought was insane. Throughout the movie he continues to say he is a knight from England and she constantly refuses to believe him. Even when they’re professing their love for each other at the end, she still doesn’t acknowledge that he is a knight which is odd.Watching The Knight Before Christmas was an enjoyable experience, with much more ‘com’ than ‘rom’. Though a brainless and not very thoughtful film, I enjoyed the fluffiness of it and ended with a warm feeling in my heart, perfectly capturing the Christmas spirit.