JV Girls’ Soccer Crushed by Round Rock Dragons 1-0

Keana Saberi, Editor in Chief

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  • Midfielder Mia Bibbo ’23 attempts to recover the ball from her opponent. The first half of the game was much more offense-based, but the Lady Warriors were still unable to score.

  • Forward Tayte Webster ’23 stands in the outfield during an opponent’s corner kick. The Dragons upped their defense for the second half of the game, keeping the ball away from their goal for the vast majority of it.

  • Defender Kaitlen Forshay ’23 stands on the sidelines watching her teammates attempt to score. Unfortunately, the Dragons stole the ball back and scored themselves, resulting in the Warriors’ defeat.

  • Defender Cate Defendorf ’23 recovers the ball and dribbles it back to her teammates. Despite their efforts, the Lady Warriors were unable to score in the first half of the game.

  • Defender Taylor Yanko ’23 cheers her teammates on during an offensive play. Yanko’s strong defense kept the ball away from the goal during the first half of the game, and she also managed to manipulate her opponents into sending the ball out of bounds several times.

  • Quickly moving down the field, Midfielder Padt Skawratananond ’23 keeps the ball away from her opponents. She was successfully able to pass it on to her teammates playing offense.

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The JV girls’ soccer team went head to head with the Round Rock Dragons on Tuesday, Jan. 21 in their third game of the season. They played an offensive game while showing good defensive strategies and executing clean passes but ultimately lost 1-0. 

“Round Rock is always going to be our hardest game of the season every single time. Currently they are undefeated but we were undefeated before this game,” Captain Claire Carpenter ‘21 said. “We have gotten a lot of opportunities when the ball has kind of just rolled across the goal and we just really need to work on our final touch and scoring.”

The first half of the game consisted of a few corner kicks for the team and goalkeeper Amy Simon ‘23 maintained a persistent defense of the goal despite a fierce game strategy by the Dragons. Along with several well-executed attempts at scoring by forwards Tayte Webster ‘23 and Mia Bibbo ‘23, there were a series of concise tackles carried out by defender Taylor Yanko ‘23. 

“I think we did really well on being open and having our runs. We also did well at making passes and talking but also our communication is a huge issue,” Manager Aubrey Quinn ‘21 said. “We did run into each other a few times and I feel like if we gave each other more space that would be good.” 

Though the Dragons scored in the second half, the Lady Warriors continued with sturdy passes and solid attempts to score. They carried out a clean game plan and had several saves in the second half. In the final moments of the game, Simon performed an admirable save when Round Rock forwards attempted to score once again. 

“I think we could have connected more and settled it down.” Midfielder Padt Skawratananond ‘23 said. “I think we panicked a little when they scored but I think we fought hard,” 

The Lady Warriors will play their next away game at McNeil on Friday, Jan. 24.