Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse Annihilated by Round Rock Dragons 9-4

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  • Aidan Kampfer ’22, Coby Koch ’20, and Jack Ryan ’21 stand in formation preparing to play defense. The Warriors were overwhelmed by the Dragons’ complex offensive plays, ultimately resulting in a 9-4 loss.

  • Brad Whittenburg ’23 rushes to assist his teammates during an offensive play. The Warriors managed to score once during the second quarter, but were still two points behind their opponent.

  • Sprinting towards the goal, Coby Koch ’20 dodges enemy Dragons and attempts to score. The Warriors were ultimately unable to score during the first quarter of the game.

  • During the middle of an intense play, Adam Busfield ’21 prepares to catch an incoming ball. Despite agressive offense, the Warriors fell to the Dragons 9-4.

  • Jack Baddour ’20 attempts to prevent an enemy Dragon’s advance during a defensive play. The Dragons scored several times during the third quarter, creating an enormous lead.

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The varsity boys’ lacrosse team took on the Round Rock Dragons at home on Wednesday, Feb. 19, and unfortunately lost 9-4.

In the first quarter, the dragons asserted their dominance and scored two points, while ensuring the Warriors were unable to score any. The second quarter brought some hope when Sean Townsend ‘20 made a goal, but the Dragons countered with a point of their own, ending the first half of the game with a score of 3-1 in favor of the Dragons.

“The game was frustrating because I know we can play a lot better,” Coby Koch ‘20 said. “Because of the weather, we were all pretty drained and cold.”

The third quarter began with the Dragons scoring repeatedly. The Warriors did their best to retaliate when William McKinley ‘20 of McNeil made a goal followed by Koch bringing the ball down so that Noah Bowman ‘21 could score. Despite their successes, Round Rock was still in the lead 6-3.

“We need to work on our defense especially because our offense didn’t get to hold the ball very much,” Townsend said. “We also have to work on clearing the ball once we get the stop on defense and getting it across the field.”

Despite the Warriors’ strong defense, the Dragons made three more goals. Connor Cooper ‘20 made the last point of the game but it unfortunately wasn’t enough, and the Dragons emerged victorious with a score of 9-4.

The varsity boys’ lacrosse team will next play on Saturday, Feb. 22.