Fall Photoshoot Ideas

Lucia Santaolalla, Dreamcatcher Editor in Chief

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  • Katie Hendler ’22 poses as a ghost in a field. She went with a friend to do the photoshoot. This is a great example for the ghost photoshoot; put your hands up so it looks like the picture has more movement. Photo courtesy of Katie Hendler ’22

  • Ms. Rowley poses in front of a pumpkin patch with her baby. She went with her baby and her husband and took some beautiful pictures. This is a great example of something you could do for your photoshoot. Photo courtesy of Ms. Rowley

  • Cadence Russin ’21 poses with Audrey Temple ’21 in front of a pumpkin patch. For this picture they posed with their hands in the air. Photo courtesy of Cadence Russin ’21

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Autumn and Halloween are both amazing times to take cute pictures with friends, family, etc. With all the beautiful leaves that fall off the trees and the scary halloween decorations, you can create a cool background for your pictures. Here are 4 different photoshoots you should definitely try doing during this time. 

1. The ghost photoshoot. 

This photoshoot trend went viral at the beginning of the autumn season on Tiktok and Instagram. You don’t need to be an amazing photographer; just have these materials and your pictures will look super cool!: 

  • A white blanket (if you want to cut some eyes, you should probably get one that is old or one you don’t use)
  • Some cool glasses to wear on top of the blanket as your eyes 

And that’s it! For the background you can use whatever you want. Make sure to edit your pictures so they look retro. If you don’t know how to edit them, there are plenty of tips on how to do it. 

This is a fun trend to do with your friends and you will definitely have a lot of fun while shooting! For the pictures to look better you can put your hands up or jump to add some movement.


2. Autumn Leaves Photoshoot. 

Red, yellow, brown and orange leaves look really pretty in an autumn photoshoot. All you have to do is lie down on top of leaves that have fallen down on the ground and pose! Another thing you can do is take some leaves and throw them into the air. This will create a cool floating effect on the leaves. 


3. Pumpkin Photoshoot. 

For this photoshoot all you need to do is go to a pumpkin patch near your house and pose with the pumpkins however you want. Some poses you can do for this photoshoot are:

  • Sit next to a patch of pumpkins, put your hands up in the air, and SMILE!
  • Take a pumpkin in your hands and hold it right next to your chest, and raise your leg while bending it. Make sure your foot touches your bottom.
  • You can also carve a pumpkin and put it in your head so that it looks like your face. Make sure that it is fully carved so your actual face doesn’t get covered with pumpkin pieces. 


4. Hot Chocolate and Blanket Photoshoot

Autumn winds and cold temperatures are here! For a cute picture with an autumn theme, you can take a blanket, make hot chocolate, and pose as you are drinking it. This is a great picture idea to do it with your friends. You could take some pictures and drink hot chocolate while talking! (Make sure you are social distancing!) 


I hope taking these pictures will be a lot of fun. If you need help with editing them, you should definitely ask for an experienced photographer’s help or search some tips on the internet. Your photos will look stunning!