Society Must Work Towards Equality and Tolerance



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While people often preach equality, they simultaneously refuse to acknowledge others’ points of view. This can be prevented through mutual understanding and educating each other.

By Silvia Ciacci, Reporter

So you want to talk about equality, how we need to respect our differences and not judge people for them. The issue with it is that there never has been a perfect balance of it. Now you may be saying ‘well what about the equal rights to vote for women, or equal marriage laws for the LGBTQ+ community?’ True, these are parts of equality but what is hypocritical is how we say don’t judge them on their gender, sexuality, religion, and race but still do so. People also preach equality for all but once you bring your political views into the equation, you suddenly aren’t their equal and are treated as lesser for disagreeing. 

This is the same issue with people who are racist and homophobic, who discriminate based solely on religion, or think one gender is less than the other because of different genitalia. They all judge and discriminate because something is different between them and other people. 

The world has never been equal no matter how hard we have tried. There is no such thing as equality for all, no matter how hard we want it to be like that, at least not yet. The thing we need to do as a society is begin to sow the seeds of believing that every person is created equal. No matter race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, religion, and gender, there has always been a divide. Men versus women, white people versus people of color, the LGBTQ+ community versus homophobic people. We as a society need to begin the process of education,  validation, and equality. 

Trying to teach someone whose beliefs are different than yours can be difficult, especially if their beliefs are more set in stone. For the young people’s minds still being molded you can plant the seed of equality and fairness into their minds. It takes time but with the proper care, which includes weeding, watering, and taking care of that seed until it begins to grow, the person’s maturity and understanding will grow with it. That little seed will grow into a tree of intelligence, understanding, and most importantly the understanding of equality. 

According to the Oxford Languages dictionary, the definition of equality is, “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.” I do not believe that is how we are as a country, and especially as a world. Every child is born without hate and judgment, but that is still in a lot of people’s minds and hearts when they become older. To infants, everyone is the same- they cannot comprehend the difference in each and every person yet. There is no such thing in their mind as religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, proving that nobody is born to discriminate. 

There is a line between discrimination and belief. Whether you agree with people’s beliefs or not, you still need to acknowledge they exist. They don’t need you to respect their views, but you need to regard someone enough to allow them to express who they support and endorse without the fear of judgment and ridicule. There shouldn’t be any discrimination, and there shouldn’t be any tolerance for it. Discrimination is the biggest form of disrespect I can think of. We as people need to do and be better. Continue to strive to teach, and grow others seeds along with your own. Through growth and education together as a group of people we can take a step in the right direction.