Swim Team Prevails at Tri-Meet Over Cedar Ridge, Lake Travis


Shreyush Shankar

Shireen Gore ’22 races the 100-yard butterfly on Friday, Sept. 25. Gore and her team in the 200-yard medley were able to place in first in this tri-meet.

On Saturday, Oct. 3, the varsity swim team competed at a tri-meet against Cedar Ridge and Lake Travis, coming in first by over 100 points. 

“I’m so happy the team so far is undefeated,” Bria Rowe ‘22 said. “Everyone had great swims, and our team is really strong this year.” 

The team’s spirits were high throughout the meet, leading to amazing races and time drops. Sonny Wang ‘23 took first place in the 100-yard backstroke, and the 200-yard individual medley, dropping time in both events Captain Shreyush Shankar ‘21 placed second in the 500-yard freestyle by only .5 of a second. Ayame Castel ‘22 earned the team 10 points by placing first in the 100-yard freestyle. Sadie Runeman ‘21, Effie Castel ‘24, Shireen Gore ‘23, and A. Castel placed first in the 200-yard medley relay, earning the team a total of 18 points. 

“I couldn’t believe how amazing everyone was swimming,” Nidhi Hegde ‘21 said, “We were winning heats left and right.”

Although the team had amazing swims, the boys 200-yard medley relay won first, but for disqualified due to an illegal turn at the wall. 

“The swim meet officials are super picky with the way you touch the wall during an open turn,” Shankar said. “You have to touch with two hands if you are swimming butterfly or breaststroke or else you’re disqualified.” 

With COVID still going on, the team was still being careful and taking the necessary precautions. If they weren’t in the water, their masks were on, and they practiced social distancing as much as they could.  

“Because of the precautions that we had to take, we couldn’t stand and cheer for our swimmers like we usually do,” Benjamin He ‘23 said. “It was sort of a bummer, but we all hyped each other up through our GroupMe messages.” 

The team’s next meet is on Saturday, Oct. 17, at Round Rock Micki Krebsbach Swimming Pool.