What Your Go-To Color in “Among Us” Says About You



Red is just one of the many colors available in Among Us- players are free to pick and choose their own color, given that no one else in the same game has taken it first. Photo courtesy of axel795.

Eshaan Chopra, Marketing Chief

Among Us is a video game that has taken the internet by storm. The game begins with a group of seven to nine “crewmates” and one to three “imposters” running around a spaceship.  As a crewmate, your job is to finish your tasks and figure out who the imposter is through voting them off. When you’re an imposter, you must fly under the radar and eliminate the majority of crewmates to win the game. With twelve astronaut avatars to choose from, the color you’re most likely to pick in some way reflects your personality and the tactics you use to win the game. 



Your color is almost as intense as your temper. Both assertive and loud at the same time, you’re in every conversation in the chat. You’re very influential because of your loud voice, which in return gets other players to trust you and pushes you further into the game. Sadly there’s always one person who finds your dominance suspicious and gets you voted out. You make sure they know you’re mad in the ghost chat or you rage quit and leave the game as your body floats through space.


Orange, more like bore-ange. Not that you’re boring, it’s just that a chill essence resonates around you. No one can be mad at an orange and you profit off of that. In both real life and the game you are easily persuaded, which is shown through your mindset of, “I’m not the imposter, so, I don’t really care who it is.” Being calm is good though, because if you find a body, everyone will believe it was not you as you suddenly will start screaming in the chat about it. Orange, you’re chill as long as you’re not on the chopping block.


Spongebob in space is what Yellow truly is at heart. In both the game and real life you probably make an effort to keep friends and maintain them. Sadly, this Spongebob is tainted as you constantly stab your friends in the back, literally. Yellow, you’re good at hiding behind your words, but when the right time comes you have no problem whipping out a weapon and running away from a body or the truth.


Lime, you are absolutely sub-lime. You manage to escape any accusation, usually by throwing Cyan under the bus, and disappearing into the crowd of characters. You’re a magician when it comes to the chat because you know the right thing to say to everyone to clear your name. However, sometimes you do get a bit of cockiness going and when someone suspects you your ego gets a little bruised. No matter though, because you get the chat to vote anyway you want with your persuasive techniques. 


One and only tactic is used by you, Dark Green. Lying. You lie through the skin of your teeth to get out of any situation, whether it’s faking a task or not being in the room. You usually never get away with it either unless you have the other imposter back you up. Your whereabouts are never known because the vents are your favorite part of the game. Your lying comes in handy, though, when you’re accusing someone, because you come up with false accusations and ideas so easily.


“Cyan’s sus.” “Cyan’s sus,” is all anyone sees in the chat. Easy to accuse and perfect as a backup if the imposter is on thin ice. You take the blame for everything even if you weren’t in the same room. No one ever believes your side of the story and it annoys you to no end, so you make sure the next time you’re imposter you use it as an outlet for your irritation. Consequently you don’t always make sure you’re taking caution or being careful, which gives everyone the impression once again that, “Cyan’s sus.”


People who are dark blue are all over the place. You guys are either the nicest people in the world or the biggest ragers in the game. Depending on your mood swings, you’ll either hunt down one person and take the entire game to kill them or subtly kill everyone at once. Crewmates aren’t the only things you kill; you absolutely obliterate Among Us and win almost every time. Unless, of course, you blow your cover by lying about where you were, which you do often without the help of your partner.


Unstoppable. Literally, unstoppable. Everyone has an idea of purple as someone who is either a mom or a 5 year old kid, so no one ever suspects you, unless you carelessly vent per usual. In real life, you’re probably a variation of the “mom friend” of your friend group and you make sure the people in the game know this, as you keep everything concise and clear in the chat and make sure not to confuse anyone. If you see a threat you eliminate it immediately and quietly to protect your winning chances. 


Pink, you’re a baby. You will go to any lengths to maintain your innocent exterior even if it means pretending you’re a new player, doing it subtly and gradually. It works too. You could be venting from room to room and no one would pick you out of a line up, because in the chat you claim you were finishing a task in Electrical. This comes into play in real life too. You’re a sweetheart with a punch stored up for when you’re angry. Try murder! You’ll probably be let go scot-free. 


Brown, brown, brown. You leave the game as quickly as you join it. Either you’re new and don’t understand what’s happening, or you just don’t do well when explaining yourself. Anytime you’re accused, your response is a mess and it just makes more people suspect you, even if it’s not you. Advice I’d give you is to have a go-to response to help organize your thoughts more in the chat. If you’re clear and concise, like Purple, and combine thought out actions with your chaotic character, you would be an overpowered player in both real life and Among Us.


There’s nothing quite like you, White. You seem to get away with anything you do. A sly dog is what you are, constantly on a killing spree, but you know when to hide in a vent if you see someone headed your way. Leading the chat, you clear your name by organizing who’s safe and who isn’t, carefully slipping your name into the safe pile. No one ever sees you, but you’re there hiding in the corner of the room, closing the door, and pouncing. Then you run away as if nothing happened.


Black, you are known to be a world-renowned hacker. Anytime the game glitches the finger is immediately pointed at you, but you are also known for being extremely important. You’re always kept around until the end, whether by your own will or as someone else’s pawn. Your efficient solutions for tasks and detective skills make you a prime suspect, but you always make sure to clear your name by catching the real villain.