JV Football Shut Out By Cedar Ridge 44-0

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  • Ball in hand, wide receiver Hayden Schultz ’23 attempts to dodge two defensive players coming in from the left side. Moments following, Schultz would get taken down by two defensive players by the sideline.

  • Noah Eisenberg ’22 attempts to swat the Cedar Ridge quarterback’s pass. He was able to get a hand on the ball and tip it.

  • Emarion Lopez ’23 catches a pass and is able to dodge three defenders. The end of the play results in him gaining 20 yards.

  • Kaden Clement ’22 hands off the ball to running back Myles Haney ’22. He gained seven yards before being tackled by the defense.

  • The Warrior defense takes down a Cedar Ridge offensive player. The defense held the play to only a five-yard gain.

  • The Warrior offensive line gets ready to run a play. The ensuing pass was incomplete.

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With only four games left in the season, the Warriors were eager to pull off a win on their home turf against the Raiders. However, the Raiders were able to run riot, shutting out the Warriors 44-0.

The Warriors started the game with an interception made by Brian Romero ‘23. From there, a string of five passes made by Emarion Lopez ‘23, Reid Saxon ‘22, William Waghorne ‘23, Evan Herrera ‘22, and Logan Hanson ‘22 were made, gaining 30 yards. Despite the good communication and consistent passing, the Raiders were able to score two touchdown passes, ending the first quarter 14-0.

“My team played good offensively,” Lopez said. “We were able to run the ball and also make some amazing passing plays. No matter what the score was, we kept fighting.”

With continuous efforts made by the offense line during the second quarter, the Warriors made several attempts to score a touchdown. Both teams moved the ball up and down the field but ended in unsuccessful attempts of scoring. However, the Raiders were able to score a touchdown in the last minute, making the score 21-0.

Throughout the third quarter, the Warriors attempted to continue their streak of consecutive passes but were interrupted when the opponents returned an interception 70 yards for a touchdown. The Raiders were able to intercept the ball many times throughout the third quarter, and were able to score another touchdown as well as a field goal.

With heads held high, the Warriors were able to push the ball throughout the fourth quarter and gain yardage. Marcus Clinton ‘22 caught an impressive interception and was able to run 20 yards down the field during third down. Unfortunately, the Raiders were able to intercept a pass and score another touchdown, making the final score 44-0.

“It was a tough loss but the offense is showing potential,” Hayden Schultz ‘23 said. “I think we can really build off of this game.”

The Warriors will face the McNeil Mavericks for their next game on Thursday, Nov. 19.