JV Football Slayed by Round Rock Dragons in Final Game of the Season

Amy Simon

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  • Ball in hand, running back Emarion Lopez ’23 attempts to slip the grip of a defensive player holding on from behind. Lopez gained several yards before getting taken down by a Dragon.

  • With a defensive player coming in from his left side, wide receiver Shaun Moukam ’21 attempts to slip away from the Dragon. Moukam would leave the Dragon behind, gaining several yards.

  • Myles Haney ’22 pushes through a tackle made by the Dragons. He is able to push the offensive line up by 10 yards.

  • Looking out, wide receiver Shaun Moukam ’21 sprints down the field after slipping the grip of a Dragon. Despite the Warriors’ attempts, the Dragons kept their steady lead throughout leaving the Warriors down 21-0 at the end of the first half.

  • The offense line looks over at the coach for the next play. Since Round Rock has a strong and competitive team, the Warriors continue to stall in the game to prevent further scoring opportunities for the Dragons.

  • With the ball, wide receiver Shaun Moukam ’21 attempts to dodge several defensive players. Moments later, Moukam would get taken down by a Dragon from behind.

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As the 2020 football season dwindled down, the JV Warriors competed against the Round Rock Dragons at home for their last game. Despite attempts of holding back the Dragons’ offense, the Warriors spent most of the game on defense.

The Warriors began on offense, with several successful attempts of pushing forward the offense line by Myles Haney ‘22. Knowing how strong the Dragons were, the Warriors began stalling at the beginning of each play, allowing less time for the opponents to have the opportunity to score. However, despite this tactic, the Dragons were able to score off an interception three minutes into the first quarter.

Throughout the second quarter, the Dragons were able to catch onto many plays the Warriors were using. Their strong defense line portrayed a problem for the Warriors as they weren’t able to push up the offense line. This resulted in the Warriors spending the majority of the quarter in defense. The Dragons were able to score two touchdowns, finishing the first half 21-0.

“I feel like my team tried their hardest during the game,” Emarion Lopez ‘23 said. “Defense saved us a lot by getting us really crucial stops that we needed. Overall I think we played good.”

The Warrior’s third quarter was spent entirely on defense. With frequent complete passes, good communication, and well-executed plays, the Dragons were able to slither around the Warriors’ defense line and score two more touchdowns. The Dragons began the fourth quarter with a well-played 30-yard pass to an unmarked player. Soon after, the Warriors were able to recover and push their offense back several yards, with good tackles made by Shaun Moukam ‘22 and James Thompson ‘22. However, an intercepted pass resulted in another touchdown for the Dragons. With both conversion point opportunities missed by the Dragons’ kicker, the game ended 40-0.

“I feel like we did our best this year with everything going on with COVID-19,” Lopez said. “The outcome that we got wasn’t what we wanted but next year we will become better as a team.”

The Warriors finished their season with nine losses and zero wins.