Fun Friday Flex Returns to Weekly Schedule

Nivrithi Kuttuva, Dreamcatcher Poetry & Prose Editor

Fun Friday Flex Sessions are set to begin on Friday, Jan. 15, and will continue to occur each Friday during flex time for the rest of the spring semester. There are many virtual sessions for students to choose from, and they will be hosted by teachers via Google Meet. The flex sessions appeal to a wide variety of interests, including knitting, cooking, debate, robotics, and magic tricks. There are also sessions for popular virtual games such as “Just Dance,” “Geoguessr,” and “Among Us.” 

Teachers are looking forward to hosting these flex sessions to increase student engagement and build stronger relationships with students due to the virtual format. English Teacher Mrs. Tamra Franklin will be hosting “Geoguessr” sessions, and she is excited about the idea of students getting together for the sake of fun.

“We will be traveling the world together and trying to figure out where we land. I will share my screen and let students guide by movements,” Mrs. Franklin said. “It is so much fun to use clues to determine your location and I need all the help I can get to increase my geographic knowledge!”

By incorporating activities outside of the curriculum during school, teachers believe that fun flex sessions will help students stay more connected to one another while learning online. Art Teacher Ms. Kelsey Rowley will be hosting “Among Us” sessions because she believes it has helped bring people together during quarantine through its easy format and fun premise of deceit.

“I started playing Among Us with my family over the holidays as we couldn’t all be together because of Covid,” Ms. Rowley said. “Playing online together helped us to all feel as if we could celebrate together. I hope my students will find the same joy in the game.”

If you plan on attending Fun Friday Flex Sessions, check out this spreadsheet that displays a list of flex session activities and teachers’ Google Meet codes.