GALLERY: JV Girls’ Soccer Defeats Dripping Springs 2-0

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  • Gaining possession of the ball, forward Katie Forshay ’23 dribbles the ball across the field as two opposing defenders run up from behind. Forshay was able to advance the ball downfield.

  • Running towards the ball, forward Abigial Burgett ’23 attempts to keep possession of the ball. Despite having the Tigers take possession of the ball, the Tigers would not be able to advance the ball before the Warriors took the ball back.

  • Dribbling the ball upfield, midfielder Kate Cooper ’24 would advance the ball. Despite not scoring in the first half, the Warriors would score in the second half with goals from Padt Skawratananond ’23 and Tayte Webster ’23, closing out the game 2-0.

  • After receiving a pass from a teammate, midfielder Cate Defendorf ’23 dribbles the ball upfield. Defendorf would maintain possession and advance the ball.

  • Upon receiving the ball from a teammate, forward Abigial Burgett ’23 dribbles the ball across the field as an opposing defender comes up from the left. The opposing defender would attempt to gain possession of the ball, but Burgett maintained possession and advanced the ball towards the Tigers’ goal.

  • With an opposing defender coming up from behind, forward Tayte Webster ’23 dribbles the ball downfield. Webster would end up making the last goal of the game in the second half.

  • After receiving the ball from a teammate, midfielder Kate Cooper ’24 dribbles the ball downfield as an opposing player comes up from behind. Although the Warriors’ backline was successful in keeping the Tigers away, the first half of the game ended 0-0.

  • Focusing in, forward Katie Forshay ’23 attempts to maintain possession of the ball while an opposing player rushes up from the right. Moments later, Forshay would make a pass to another teammate downfield.

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