Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘drivers license’ Paints a Vivid Portrait of Young Love and Heartbreak



Olivia Rodrigo’s new song ‘drivers license’ has reached everyone’s hearts. Photo courtesy of @olivia.rodrigo

Lucia Santaolalla, Dreamcatcher Editor in Chief

Starring as Nini in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series since 2019, and releasing her single All I want from the show, Olivia Rodrigo has been present on the music and TV scenes for a while. Her new debut single drivers license has captivated listeners since its release on Jan. 8.

At such a young age, Rodrigo has been part of many Disney productions like Bizaardvark, which was released in 2016. But more recently, her work on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series has increased her recognition. 

With this new single, a heartbreaking ballad, Olivia has ranked first on Spotify and Apple Music three days after the song’s release. It has also achieved a spot on the Top 3 iTunes list, right behind Taylor Swift’s new evermore tracks. 

The song talks about a 17-year-old girl that just got her driver’s license but all of her excitement goes away because she gets heartbroken. Her ex has started dating a blonde, older girl who Olivia describes as “everything” she is “insecure about.” 

During the song, by expressing a lot of pain, Olivia reveals that she is still in love with him and while driving through the suburbs, she imagines her ex is beside her. The lyrics “In the traffic we are laughing over all the noise,” is some of the descriptive details she provides in her song.  drivers license has reached many people that have experienced a heartbreak sometime in their life. 

On her TikTok account, Olivia declared that she got her driver’s license about six months ago and she posted a picture on her Instagram saying that she was super excited to drive alone though the suburbs crying. Then, she thought that experience would make a good song and sat down at her piano to write it. She posted part of her song on Instagram and a lot of people loved it, so she showed it to her producer and they decided to make it a real song. She has beautifully told the story in a way that everyone, whether or not they have had a relationship with someone, will submerge into the song and feel the same emotions as her. 

I say ‘that’s my baby and I’m really proud.”

— Taylor Swift

drivers license has reached everyone’s hearts, including Taylor Swift and actress Kiernan Shipka. It is a stunning song that stirs a lot of feelings within you and the lovely voice she has melts your heart.  Only 17 years old, Olivia Rodrigo has a lot of great experiences and new opportunities ahead of her and I’m sure everyone is really excited to know more about her next steps in her career as a singer/songwriter.