GALLERY: Varsity Boys’ Soccer Notches Vital 2-0 District Win Over Cedar Ridge

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  • With an opposing player on his left side looking to take possession of the ball, Diego Djordjevic ’22 dribbles the ball. Djordjevic would maintain possession and further advance the ball.

  • Looking out, Paxton Seghi ’24 dribbles the ball down field. Seghi would make a pass to another teammate, further advancing the ball.

  • Focusing in, Luca Cipleu ’21 receives the ball as an opposing player comes up from behind. The two would fight for possesion, but Cipleu would maintain it, further advancing the ball.

  • Running up, Matthew Jack ’22 would dribble the ball downfield and make a pass to another teammate. Despite the Raiders’ attempts, the Warriors’ strong backline kept the Raiders from advancing the ball and scoring throughout the game.

  • Ball in air, Paxton Seghi ’24 looks to take possession of the ball as he holds back an opposing player. Seghi would take possession and head downfield.

  • Pushing up against an opposing player, Kawan Borba ’23 fights to maintain possession of the ball. Despite Borba’s attempt, the Raider would get in front and attempt to make a pass to another teammate.

  • Down the sideline, Luca Cipleu ’21 dribbles the ball after gaining possession of the ball. Cipleu would go on score the final goal during the last two minutes of the game, closing out their win 2-0.

  • With two opposing players right behind, Kawan Borba ’23 dribbles the ball. Borba would further advance the ball downfield.

  • With an opposing player running up from his right side, Patrick Cotey ’23 receives a pass from a teammate. Cotey would go on to score the first goal of the game in the last six minutes, pushing them ahead 1-0.

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