Paper Rose Tutorial

By Sage Clark, Reporter

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  • For this tutorial, the first thing you will need are some post-it notes. (Square shaped origami paper will work just as fine).

  • Start out with a singular post-it note.

  • Take the sheet and fold it in half vertically to form a triangle.

  • Proceed to fold the paper in half again, creating another triangle.

  • Fold that triangle in half once more.

  • Draw a petal-like shape with a pen or pencil near the widest part of the triangle.

  • Cut along the drawn-in line. Repeat the previous steps four times, using four different post-it notes.

  • It should end up looking like this.

  • Once you finish with the previous steps, open up the folded up papers to reveal something that looks like the following.

  • Mark these guidelines on your own flower cut-outs.

  • Cut along the guidelines and keep all of the pieces of paper besides one half of the bottom right flower, which can be scrapped.

  • Take the four largest scraps of paper and shade in the following. This will serve as a guide for where to glue.

  • Glue ONLY on the shaded portion, and connect the flower together, making a cone-like shape. Repeat for the other scraps.

  • It should end up looking like this.

  • Now, take the two smallest pieces that were set aside and shade as pictured to serve as a guide for where to glue.

  • When gluing the smaller pieces, use your finger as a base to make the gluing and shaping process easier.

  • Once the cones have dried, to add depth to the flower, try to curl the edges of the petals slightly.

  • Next, glue the bottom of the second biggest cone (as seen shaded in the image) and insert it into the center of the largest cone.

  • If done correctly, it should look like this. Continue to layer the cones inside of each other from largest to smallest.

  • The end product should look something like this. If you want to be extra, feel free to add a stem of paper leaves for a statement.

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