‘Finding ‘Ohana’: A Cheesy and Lovable Adventure Film



‘Finding ‘Ohana’, is a fun film adventure for the whole family. Photo Courtesy of Variety

Treasure hunting movies have become a staple in entertainment over the years. From Indiana Jones to National Treasure, audiences have always enjoyed any exploration story thrown at them. Now it’s time for Netflix to add another movie to the pot. 

Finding ‘Ohana not only presents viewers with a light-hearted adventure, but it accurately explores cultural representation. Native Hawaiian actors’ performances and genuine folklore  depictions work to produce a beautiful portrayal of the culture. So far, Hawaiian customs haven’t had their chance to grace the big screen, which makes Finding ‘Ohana a gateway to more such films. 

The story focuses on two siblings from Brooklyn visiting Hawaii, reconnecting with their Hawaiian heritage through new friends, family, and a legend of treasure. We follow them as they explore the mountains all while encountering lava pits, numerous pirate skeletons, venomous spiders, and the guardian spirits of Hawaii. Because what adventure movie is complete without skeletons?

Throughout the movie, the amount of one-liners is a bit unbearable, but fortunately, they don’t cover up the main message of appreciating one’s heritage. Often in today’s society, we simply focus on moving forward while casting aside the past. Although progression is important, this doesn’t mean that we should forget where we came from. 

The only drawback in this movie is the age-demographic it’s created for. It’s obvious that this movie was intended for a younger audience, but that doesn’t take away all the enjoyment. Any lover of a feel-good adventure can easily delight in the numerous jokes, strong sense of family, and gorgeous landscape of Hawaii.

 Finding ‘Ohana also educates viewers on the language and folklore of Hawaii. One of the bigger elements in the movie is the importance of burial grounds to the native Hawaiians along with continued usage of the Hawaiian language. It presents viewers with an accurate depiction of Hawaiian culture, allowing them to get a glimpse of its vastly interesting history, and thus encouraging them to learn more. 

Perfect for family nights and bad days, Finding ‘Ohana educates and entertains viewers all in one. Check it out, learn about Hawaiian culture, and experience some laughs along the way. It never hurts to know a little more.