2020 Yearbook Recognized for Excellence


The Balfour publishing company recently recognized the 2020 edition of the Heritage for excellence.

The 2020 edition of Heritage was recently recognized for excellence by the Balfour yearbook publishing company. The theme of the yearbook was “2020 vision”, so each copy included a pair of 3D glasses and several pages incorporated 3D effects.

“Congratulations on creating a book that both captures the history of the school year and the unique stories of your students,” Mark Goshgarian, the General Manager of Publishing and Digital Assets at Balfour, said.

According to Balfour, less than five percent of yearbook staffs are honored with this recognition. Heritage will be featured in the 2021 Yearbook Yearbook, a compilation of the best yearbooks in the country.

“Westwood High School’s inclusion in the 2021 Yearbook Yearbook reflects their commitment to journalism excellence and creativity,” Amanda Reynolds, the Director of Corporate Communications at Balfour, said. 

The yearbook staff, led by Editor in Chief Jessica Song ‘20, and Assistant Editor Bailey Armosky ’20, worked year round to make this happen. Balfour took into consideration various items such as cover design, layout design, and photo technique before giving Heritage this recognition.