Mr. Bradley Walker Signs On as New Assistant Principal


Bradley Walker

Mr. Bradley Walker is the new assistant principal for last names A-Co. He aims to motivate and inspire all of the students he works with. Photo Courtesy of Bradley Walker

Essential oil is not the only soothing element about Mr. Bradley Walker. As the new Assistant Principal for students’ last names A-Co, Mr. Walker always radiates a sense of warmth and calm throughout his workday of advising students and supervising various aspects of our school. 

Although the usual pressures of high academic standards and challenging classes at Westwood have been combined with the difficulty of supporting students after a year in isolation, Mr. Walker is enthusiastic about his first official high school position. He is in charge of supervising the Business Academy and assisting underclassmen with adjusting to Westwood’s complex environment. 

¨I wanted to challenge myself and I know Westwood has a great reputation, it’s a great school. I know the team here definitely has a great relationship with each other. Dr. Acosta pushes people to achieve their full potential.” Mr. Walker said. 

Mr. Walker also appreciates the strong learning environment in Westwood and hopes this new experience will give him the opportunity to achieve his goals.

“I’m exploring myself and hopefully one day I will be [experienced enough] to become a principal.” Mr. Walker said. “I not only want to learn but grow to reach my full potential.” 

Family is another important part of Mr. Walker’s life. His wife works at Redeemer Lutheran School and he has three children. He also enjoys watching basketball and fishing with his son in his spare time. As a child growing up in Brenham, Texas, Mr. Walker thrived in a community with influential teachers and coaches.

“[The] teachers and coaches that I had in the past inspired me to become an educator.” Mr. Walker said. “I love the idea of being able to shape, mold, and grow, the leaders of our future.”

Mr. Walker is motivated by his past struggles and hopes to apply all the lessons he learned to the kids at Westwood. He is aiming to become a role model for students and encourage them to continuously apply themselves. 

“I grew up [without] the best support. I just want to be that person for kiddos who maybe believe that they do not have enough to make it. Hopefully, give them that motivation and be a role model.” Mr. Walker said. “[I want] to show them that you may actually struggle in school and college, but if you apply yourself and put your heart into it you can make something of yourself.”

Mr. Walker can be found in the Courage Office for any questions or concerns about Westwood. Specifically, he is available to help with the organization of extracurricular activities and evaluation of English and Physical Education classes. Even if you have a technological issue, Mr. Walker is on the job as he is a liaison for the Chromebook and Technology Department. All around, Mr. Walker is a resourceful and new Assistant Principal who is prepared to help the students here at Westwood High School. 

“If you see me in the hallways, stop by and say hi,” Mr. Walker said. “I love hear[ing] from you guys. Keep working hard everyday and I hope you enjoy your school year! I am always here for anyone, no matter what.”

With the power of their bright peels, the scent of lemon keeps Mr. Walker stress free and collected. His diffuser works hard to provide the scent of the delicious citrus for him. Similar to his machine, Mr. Walker continues to diffuse a positive morale around the school, especially within his students.