That’s the Spirit: Students Showcase Creativity during Homecoming Spirit Week


Photo By Aanika Hirode

Lauren Jackson ’23, Katie Liu ’23, Zaina Jafri ’23, Faith Gonzalez ’23, and Promise Salinas ’23 wore outfits reminiscent of the 1980s for Decades Day. These bright colors and baggy pants were extremely popular during that time. “[My sweater] was actually a hand-me-down from the 80s,” Gonzalez said. “I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to wear it.”

By Aanika Hirode, Reporter

From bomber jackets to billowing capes, the Westwood hallways were filled with distinctive colors and bold choices during homecoming week. From Oct. 12 to Oct. 15, students participated in various dress-up days leading up to the traditional Homecoming game on Friday and the dance on Saturday. 

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, the theme was to dress up as a movie, book, television, or real-life character. Students transformed themselves into a variety of characters from realms such as Harry Potter, Grease, and Scooby-Doo. 

“Walking through the halls was an experience,” Zaina Jafri ‘23 said. “You’d look one way and there was a ghostbuster, then you’d look another way and there was Cupid!”

On Wednesday, Oct. 13, students were asked to wear western clothes or country club attire for the “Country vs. Country Club” theme. Those who dressed up wore western items such as cowboy hats, flannels, and denim or country club outfits, including headbands, polo shirts, and khakis or tennis skirts. However, because sophomores and juniors were taking the PSAT on this day, the majority of the student body chose to wear comfortable clothing rather than follow the theme.

“I love that they made a play on words,” Elena de Orive ‘23 said. “I think [the theme] was just on the wrong day.”

The theme for Thursday, Oct. 14 was Decades Day. Seniors wore clothing from the 1970s, juniors from the 1980s, sophomores from the 1990s, and freshmen from the 2000s. Many students were excited to show off their throwback outfits, especially because certain items from each decade have reemerged in current trends. 

“I was kind of going for 2000s Britney Spears,” Alicia Westlin ‘25 said. “I had so much fun dressing up.”

The final day of homecoming dress-up week was Friday, Oct. 15 when the student body united to create a sea of orange. Many students wore Westwood t-shirts, and the football team proudly sported their jerseys in preparation for their homecoming game that night. 

“I think having everyone in the same dress-up helped motivate the team,” varsity football kicker Matthew Jack ‘22 said. “It really [brought] a sense of community and togetherness.”

Overall, students were eager to revive the tradition of dressing up during homecoming after a year of virtual learning. The student body was able to showcase its school spirit and creativity, even in such an unusual week. With Halloween just around the corner, Westwood looks forward to seeing what the Warriors dress up as next.

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