Megan Thee Stallion Devilishly Delivers a Little ‘Something for Thee Hotties’


Photo By Eshaan Chopra

Megan Thee Stallion made a deal with the devil in delivering her new album. The album art is impeccable, compelling the Hotties to immerse themselves in the new Megan aesthetic. Photo courtesy of New York Post, graphic by Eshaan Chopra.

By Eshaan Chopra, Marketing Director

Lucifer’s minion Megan Thee Stallion stabbed her grammy-winning pitchfork of talent into her listeners’ music libraries once again. On Friday, Oct. 29, Megan surprised her audience with the unexpected release of her entire sophomore album, Something For Thee Hotties. Following the release of her debut album Good News only a year ago, Megan devilishly delivers a 21-track album filled to the brim with soon-to-be charting hits and hilarious interludes. 21 tracks is an impressively healthy amount for a rap album, as many artists choose to cap their albums at around 12 to 15 tracks. Along with the sinful quantity, per usual, Megan brought the quality to the table. She managed to match the chaotic energy of this secret drop with sex-positive, catchy songs that continue with this same, addictive, zest. Each song built off of the last with the interludes being used not only to communicate with fans dotingly referred to as ‘Hotties,’ but to give them a breather between all of the bars she showcased.

Just like the nine circles of hell, Something For Thee Hotties gets progressively intense as you go down the tracklist. However, this does not stop Megan from starting the album with two banging freestyles. Tuned In and Megan Monday set the tone for the iconic album the artist flawlessly delivered. Freestyles are insanely hard to execute as they are essentially just a big improvisation. Megan remains unphased. 

She put the “yes, and” into her performance, embellishing the song with an unforgettable beat to play off of. Tuned In turns up, transporting ‘Thee Hotties’ to a club without the restrictions of reality. Megan Monday emulates this energy and brings real-world celebrities into the club. Commenting on scandals and beef, Megan had to break her self-curated tension with the following interlude.

Trippy Skit, featuring Juicy J, trips up the audience for sure. Adding to the stereotypical rap atmosphere, it is one of many random, yet intriguing interludes. The interludes of this album were unexpected, but necessary. In her work Good News, Megan goes back to back with her rapping and caused many fans to believe her sound was beginning to become repetitive. These interludes are literally hell-bent on countering this argument. I mean, this album is Something for Thee Hotties, not something for the haters. The most impactful interlude has to be her goodbye to the album, To Thee Hotties. Megan humbly thanks her listeners for their consistent support and adds an element of personal connection with her fans. This completes the vibe for her listeners as now, before they replay the entire album, they can connect with the artist. These interludes were hilarious, emotional, and will forever be irreplaceable.

The most complex of the seven deadly sins comes out to play in the art of the album. Lust makes recurring appearances through the span of the tracklist, especially in Kitty Kat. This song teases its audience with idiosyncratic verses, including a bridge that is definitely going to be trending on TikTok in no time. Kitty Kat is vulgar and aggressive in all the best ways. The song is definitely comparable to her old work on Good Girls in the Hood, which while trending on TikTok, also managed to make its way to the top of the global charts. Along with Kitty Kat, I would eat a full plate of Eat It at any point as well. Megan must have sold her soul to the devil for this song because from the moment  the song opens, there is not one second it eats dust. The beat on its own had to stem straight from seance, because it is other-worldly. These two songs and so many more are exactly what we needed from Megan on such a stunning sophomore album.

Coining amazing phrases such as ‘hot girl’ and ‘Tina-O’s,’ Megan comes back with her snappy slang with songs such as Freakend and Bae Goals. One aspect of Megan’s career many other rappers have not been able to match is her clever wordplay. She uses puns, celebrity feuds, and more in her lyrics to keep listeners waiting for her next unfiltered bar. Both Freakend and Bae Goals are incredible songs that showcase Megan’s wide range in slower rap. 

She knows how to keep things sensual and passionate, and with her funny wordplay, she keeps her listeners both entertained and searching for more.  Generating a heavy influence on the vocabulary of teenagers today, do not be too shocked if you start hearing some unknown word combinations. If you need help with what they mean, refer to Something for the Hotties, because I promise Urban Dictionary is not even on Megan’s level.

With an interlude dedicated to the woman herself and many mentions of the name, many are left wondering who Tina Snow is. Funny enough, Tina Snow and Megan Thee Stallion are the same person, as Tina Snow is Megan’s alter-ego. Showing that just like her album, Megan has more layers than she showcased in Good News. The work Megan has created is fiery, and yet she literally ices over her presence with the name Tina Snow. This just makes her fans more interested in the Megan aesthetic. She knows she’s a goddess and refuses to take crap from anyone. Using an alter-ego, Megan motivates us all to take a hell ride with life and be, respectfully of course, the baddest versions of ourselves.

Something for Thee Hotties will forever be the devil horns on fans’ heads as they project the confidence this album exudes into their everyday lives. Her fire word choice and motivating music unlock gates of hell within her fans and bring out the hottest version of them. Perfectly in time for Scorpio season, this devilish delivery of an unexpected album has fans jamming to a 21-track album full of unlimited sexy energy. 

It is simultaneously the perfect album for the hype of a pre-game and the hype during the party. Megan has even shown herself up as she brings in a new side that many fans have never seen. The range is there. The beats are there. The devil is even there, at work with the masterpiece Megan manufactured. Live your best life with a little Something For The Hotties. It’s a deal with the devil you will never regret.