Women Drugged by Needles at UK Nightclubs


Photo By Piqsels

Several women are being targeted with contaminated needles in public nightclubs. Such injections have occurred recently in various locations across the UK. Photo Courtesy of Piqsels

By Amira Boutros, Dreamcatcher Assistant Editor

In the United Kingdom, there has been an alarming increase in the number of women being injected with contaminated needles laced with date rape drugs, typically in nightclub locations with a high student body population.

19 year old Zara Owen from Nottingham described waking up after a night out with a severe, excruciating ache in her leg and no recollection of what happened. Owen is one of many who have woken up with no remembrance of the night prior, after being punctured with a syringe in their hands, legs, and back.

One victim, Sarah Buckle, a 19-year-old University of Nottingham student, recounted waking up in the hospital and discovering a prick on her hand, which was bruised and throbbing. 

This string of instances has prompted a campaign with 150,000 supporters for the UK government to make screening attendees at bars a legal obligation.

24 year-old, Hannah Thompson, established the initiative after hearing about individuals being stabbed with date rape needles in Edinburgh, Scotland, and then hearing about it occurring all across the UK. Thompson has proposed using body scanners or security checkpoints in order for people to get access to clubs.

Over 30 institutions in the United Kingdom have joined a new movement asking for a protest of clubs in pursuit of concrete improvements to make them safer and more secure for women, such as employee training.

Additionally, this poses an entirely new problem for these women, who are left with marks surrounded by giant bruises. Victims might potentially be in further danger if they were injected using unsafe or contaminated needles, which pose  HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C risks. UK police notified the public that they are investigating these cases. 

Though these cases occurred in the UK, there have been an increasing number of cases in women around the globe over the last few years, especially in American universities. 

“It’s horrifying to see this, women shouldn’t have to worry about being injected with a drug when they’re going out to relax and have fun,” Aditi Dangi ’23 said, “As a young female possibly going off to college or eventually living alone, this raises some concerns. I’ve heard about people being drugged in nightclubs too often, and it scared me. It makes me want to stay home at all times.”

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