Varsity Girls Soccer Secures Win Over Hutto Hippos, 8-0

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  • Tayte Webster ’23 dribbles past the Hippo’s defensive line and lines up to take a shot on goal. Her shot went just wide for a Hippo’s goal kick.

  • Kate Cooper ’24 advances into space and passes to her teammate. Cooper then ran into space in an effort to get open for a pass.

  • With the Hippos hot on her trail, Padt Skawratananond ’23 takes her space toward the goal. Skawratananond was able to get a shot on goal.

  • Under pressure, Sasha Brown ’23 maneuvers her way through Hutto’s midfielders. The Warriors entered the second half with a large lead over the Hippos and continued to hold the lead throughout the rest of the half.

  • Sasha Brown ’23 gains possession of the ball and dribbles toward the goal. It was the beginning of second half and the Warriors had a large lead over the Hippos.

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Riding high from a 3-0 win against the Vista Ridge Rangers, the varsity girls soccer team faced off against the Hutto Hippos at their home field, the Warrior Bowl, and dominated with a win of 8-0.

By scoring five goals in the first ten minutes alone, the game was in the Warrior’s favor early on and continued to be throughout the game. Skylar Zinnecker ‘23 scored three goals in the first half through intricate and thoughtful runs, earning herself a hat trick. 

“It was a great win tonight, we played really well as a team,” Zinnecker said. “As a result, we were able to be really successful up top, scoring five goals in the first ten minutes. The midfielders did a good job controlling the ball and playing it into space which allowed me to score three goals.” 

Maintaining momentum after ending the first half up by five, the team continued to create opportunities for the forwards through precise passing and communication. The midfielders controlled the game, including Padt Skawratananond ‘23, who scored the first goal for the Warriors in districts. 

“I thought we started pretty strong in the beginning, but it started getting slow,” Skawratananond said. “However, in the second half, Hutto’s backline started pushing up really high to get our forwards off-sides. We had to adjust, and I think we did a good job connecting in the midfield to later find an outlet behind the gap that they left open between their backline and goalkeeper to get more goals.” 

Teamwork played a large part in the Warriors’ game against the Hippos. Mia Bibbo ’23 scored two out of the three goals scored in the second half off assists from Katie Forshay ‘23. 

“To me, teamwork is one of the most important aspects of the Westwood Soccer Program,” Forshay said. “Even though my shot didn’t go in, I was grateful that my teammate managed to finish it.”

The Lady Warriors will take on the Round Rock Dragons on Tuesday, February 2.