Varsity Girls Soccer Ties Against Rival Round Rock 0-0


Aisi Concannon ’22 prepares to make a play in the midfield.

Ruhi Singh, Heritage Sports Editor

On Tuesday, March 2, the Lady Warriors battled against district rival, the Lady Dragons at their home field, the Warrior Bowl. Although the game yielded a tie with a score of 0-0, strenuous effort and intense determination was displayed by both teams. 

Starting the game strong, the Lady Warriors exhibited good connections from the midfielders to the forwards through straightforward and precise passes, and by creating space to play through-balls down the line for the forwards to run onto and have an opportunity to have a shot on goal. 

Although the Lady Warriors were able to achieve scoring opportunities, they were ultimately unable to get a goal in the back of the net. The Lady Dragons had close offensive scoring opportunities as well but the Lady Warriors’ defense worked together to shut down all of the Dragon’s chances. By the time the first half of the game ended, both the spectators and players were anticipating a goal. 

Both teams started the second half of the game with powerful energy and the midfielders of each team faced off for every 50-50 ball played into the midfield. As the second half chugged along, the tensions in the Warrior Bowl began to rise, resulting in both teams earning a couple fouls from the ref. The Lady Warriors maintained good possession in the Lady Dragons half through good communication in the midfield and getting rid of the ball quickly to reduce the chance of turnovers. 

“It was a really tough game both mentally and physically,” Catherine Ramage ‘23 said. “But we had to rise above their style of play and make it our game to dominate and continue our shutout.”

The Lady Warriors will take on the Cedar Ridge Raiders on Friday, March 4th.