Students Begin to Transition Back to Regular Flex Schedules



Students are now able to move through the hallways during the passing period between first block and flex, but cannot use the flex software to change their flex location yet.

On Monday, March 28, students learned over the announcements that the administration didn’t believe students were making productive use of the Flex time built into their school days. For the next week, students did not have regular Flex schedules and instead were required to hold in their first or fifth block for the duration of the period. 

Principal Dr. Mario Acosta announced on Wednesday, April 6 that the school would begin to transition into having Flex again. While students will not have the opportunity to Flex into the classes they want to go to, they will report to their “catch-all,” moving as the bell rings as opposed to staying in their first class of the day.

“I want to see that you guys have a better understanding of how to use Flex,” Dr. Acosta said in his announcement. “You need to be in the classroom you’re supposed to be in.”

As of now, it is unsure when the school will move out of this transition period. Students are hopeful that if they continue to show good behavior, they will be able to have regular Flex again soon.