Rock the Stage With These 10 Grad Cap Ideas!

Need some graduation cap ideas? Look no further! Enjoy this collection of hilarious and creative ways to design your cap for the upcoming ceremony! Find a new idea, inspiration, or just amusement in this entertaining list of bored seniors’ trying to end their education with a bang. To all of those graduating: Good luck out there, and don’t take life too seriously.

P.S. Don’t forget to double check that your cap’s on backwards! It’s the new “thing,” you know!

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  • The classic SpongeBob SquarePants meme, here to address the grueling four long years of high school.

  • A fun cap idea for engineering-enthusiasts. Enjoy your trusses and your triangles and your hoo-hahs and whatnots!

  • Honestly, this clever adaptation to the popular meme speaks for itself.

  • Not feeling too creative? Backwards is the new style, take advantage of this incredible opportunity to embarrass your parents!

  • Everyone knows where this classic is from, but this senior-year twist puts a funny new spin on a beloved Vine-Era joke!

  • Last minute, in sharpie, on hastily-torn wrinkled notebook paper, this cap’s a winner for all your creative procrastinators out there!

  • The cap says it all.

  • Ah, yes. The rivalry between proud parents trying to have their child look professional and the students trying to crack a joke. Yet another SpongeBob meme making a comeback to take the win!

  • One of John Mulaney’s best jokes about college’s inescapable debt, fitting for a graduation cap!

  • Nostalgic for many, this Minecraft graduation cap recreates that sense of pride after beating the classic block game, defeating the Ender Dragon after a long period of hard work. That feeling makes all of the toiling worth it.

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