IB Visual Arts Students Conclude the School Year with Stunning Exhibition

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Starting Monday, April 25, Senior International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Arts students proudly displayed their art portfolios from throughout the year.  The projects were on display throughout the school day from Tuesday, April 26 to Thursday, April 28, and after school from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m on Monday, April 25. 

The showcase featured work from seniors Nashitha Azeez, Samia Bruster, Safirah Munir, Irini Skevofilax, Reyna Wang, Amanda Yin, and Helena Zeng. The artwork shown was a culmination of all the pieces these seniors had created throughout the year. In addition to their artwork, students had to write explanations, do a comparative study, and create a process portfolio. To connect their respective art pieces together in a cohesive display, each student chose a theme. 

“I didn’t originally know what [theme] I wanted to [choose], but I feel like a lot of my artwork just started associating with growing up and I liked that idea,” Munir said. “I was just kind of exploring and I started doing landscapes and it all [came together].”

For some students, their supplies and choice of media were a purposeful part of their portfolios that bolstered their theme. 

“I always loved photography as my media of choice,” Bruster said. “When I was really young, my dad used to just photograph me and my dogs, and I just started picking up his camera, and then [I got] this little pink camera that I loved and I would take it everywhere [to] take pictures. I started taking pictures of flowers and of people and I realized that I really liked capturing the moment” 

The artwork and showcase also allowed students to express themselves in a new way. Bruster, whose artwork centered on the theme of mental health, had a personal connection to her artwork. 

“I personally have dealt with mental health issues, and have had people around me deal with substance abuse issues,” Bruster said. “So I wanted to be able to capture that moment and talk about it through photography.”

Despite the hours of work put into the showcase, the exhibit provided a worthwhile experience. 

“The best part [of the project] was having the showcase,” Munir said. “Setting it up and seeing everyone else’s work was so fun.”