Does ‘Glee’ Out-Predict ‘The Simpsons’?


Both ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Glee’ are becoming known for predicting trends and future events, but which show is better? Both shows have a lot of wins in foreseeing but, only one can win.

Eshaan Chopra, Marketing Chief

Glee is currently one of the most controversial shows on the internet. The show is full of inappropriate jokes, weird plotlines, and overall insane character arcs. A trend has even emerged where people are playing the classic ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ with real and made-up Glee plotlines. While this production is controversial, something many do not notice is its weird pattern in predicting the real-life developments of the actors who starred in it. The Simpsons, on the other hand, is a classic and continues to be globally recognized for its ability to predict obscure global events. While it is difficult to compare these two shows in any way, their one common trait is their psychic abilities. So, which show does it better? That’s a question that can only be answered by looking into some of their most insane predictions. 

Ultimately, the biggest prediction everyone seems to be talking about this month is Lea Michele, who played Rachel Berry on Glee, landing the role of Fanny Brice on Broadway’s ‘Funny Girl’. Throughout the first four seasons of the show, it was always Rachel’s goal to end up on the Broadway stage in the character of Fanny, but when the same happened in real life, the Gleeks (Glee fans) were horrified. It is no secret that the fan base does not love Michele for theories of her being an awful diva on set, but people were more shocked she actually managed to pull off what they thought only her character could. Jane Lynch portrayed Sue Sylvester on Glee and landed the role of Brice’s mom on Funny Girl, but she mysteriously decided to drop out of the show before Michele makes her Broadway debut as Fanny. This has only reinstated the fans’ worst theories of the actress. While Michele may be facing backlash for the role, Glee itself has begun to trend again with its newfound ability to predict the future.

To parallel the biggest prediction by Glee, The Simpsons managed to foresee Tom Hanks becoming the face of the United States in a nationwide commercial. In The Simpsons, an all-American family goes on a trip to the Grand Canyon and is unimpressed by the national landmark. That’s when Simpson’s version of Hanks pops in as an advocate for the entire nation and justifies why the Grand Canyon is the most important landmark. Similarly, during President Biden’s video to the nation to boost morale during COVID-19, Hanks was invited to speak to the nation, again becoming the face of America. This is a weird coincidence- if it can even be considered one. With Hanks at hand to help rebuild America’s economy after COVID, the nation turned back to the Simpsons to praise them for their relentless psychic abilities, turning the attention away from the point of the entire commercial. While President Biden aimed to boost morale in terms of rebuilding after the pandemic, he ended up getting people more excited about a cartoon television show. This was probably one of the more weird psychic predictions that The Simpsons executed. 

Overall both productions have had other successes. For Glee, these came in the face of cast members’ future relationships emulating those on the show, Grant Gustin (guest starring as Sebastian) landing a role on CW, and even Melissa Benoist (Marley in later seasons of the show) becoming a superhero. Meanwhile, the Simpsons are known for predicting the Trump presidency, the outbreak of a virus similar to COVID-19, and Lady Gaga performing at the 2010 Superbowl. So, through weighing all of the options and odds of the two shows, the overall winning psychic has to be The Simpsons. Their global predictions ultimately outweigh the first-world predictions Glee has made about its cast. However, that does not mean that either show is done with predictions; hopefully, we can look forward to more niche future-telling by both productions.