English Teacher Ms. Samantha Lozano Strives to Impact Lives


Courtesy of Samantha Lozano

Ms. Samantha Lozano graduating from Texas State in 2021. She majored in English with a minor in Latino Studies. “I came from a small town, a bubble. College taught me so much about world views,” Lozano said.

Ms. Samantha Lozano’s desire to work as a teacher started in high school. During a tough school year, Ms. Lozano’s English teacher stepped up to give her the help she needed, this support truly impacted her, motivating her to want to impact students in the same way. Teaching Advanced English I and II this year allows her to work towards that goal.

“I really love English and have a passion for it and I [love] showing people who [don’t] like it that [English] is enjoyable and very fun,” Ms. Lozano said.

Originally hailing from Mexico, she was a creative kid, taking classes like choir and art. Ms. Lozano went to high school in Brownsville, Texas by the border before graduating from Texas State University.

Ms. Lozano has many hobbies and spends her free time playing the guitar, writing, crocheting, and singing. Ms. Lozano’s favorite teaching moments are when she watches her students realize they actually understand what they are learning.

“Seeing my students succeed every day on tests or understanding poetry a little bit more makes me so proud to be a teacher,” Ms. Lozano said.

Ms. Lozano learned a valuable lesson throughout her education journey: “Breathe a little bit. It’s okay if you mess up, it’s okay if you don’t have perfect A’s, it doesn’t diminish your value.”