Freshman Volleyball Conquers Judson Rockets

Chloe Boyd, Dreamcatcher Editor-in-Chief

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  • Concentrating on the hit, Natasha Mendoza ’26 begins the opening shot for the play. The first set was looking up for the Warriors, with the final score being 25-20. “My hitting was decent, but I had some good plays, so I’m proud of that. I think [our coach] is proud of me,” says Mendoza. “And yeah, I love my coach. Coach Scazzero’s the best.”

  • Leaping to hit the ball, Autumn Jacobs ’26 performs an approach. The Warriors had been successful, but at this point in the game, the Rockets were gaining momentum.

  • Launching the ball, the Rockets begin the play. It was still the second set, with the scoreboard displaying the Warrior’s strong start of 7-4. Unfortunately, Judson won the second set.

  • Sprinting to avoid a point to the other team, the Rockets try their hardest to not make any foul plays. It was difficult keeping up with the Warriors, and Judson ultimately lost, 2-1. “I feel like honestly, we could’ve done a lot better, because we get down on ourselves, and we stop connecting,” says London Wilson of Judson High School.

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The Freshman volleyball team defeated the Judson Rockets during their home game on Tuesday, August 23. This was their third game of the season, but first game of the school year. Both teams had a lot of energy and excitement, keeping both the players and student section on their toes.

After wiping the floor with Judson for the first set, the Warriors ended with a win of 25-20. Tension cut the air as both teams continuously scored, evening out the score. The referees continued to blow whistles at out of bounds hits, and the points were getting dealt rapidly.

The second set started off with hesitation from the opposing team. The Warriors led with a strong start of 7-6, with Rockets quickly catching up afterwards. The score then escalated to an astonishing 13-9, with the Rockets winning. After gaining some momentum, Judson High got a foothold and defeated the Warriors in the second set 25-23.

The Warriors started out the third set strong with 8-0. The Rockets tried to match, but they could only get up to 13 points. After this inability to get back up, the Rockets lost their hold on the game. Their team continued to miss shots and couldn’t commit to their tosses. The third set ended with a score of 25-15, with the Warriors coming out on top.

“My favorite part about the game was how we kept our spirits high,” Natasha Mendoza ‘26 said. “In our past games, that’s something that we’ve struggled to fill out, and that’s something we did really well tonight. I think that’s what helped us play a lot better.”

The Freshman volleyball team will play their next game at Westlake on Friday, August 26.