Varsity Volleyball Defeats Judson Rockets During Howdy Night

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  • Focused, Phoebe Wooster ’24 sets the ball to Allie Shepherd ’23. Shepherd successfully hit the ball over the net to keep the ball in play.

  • Filled with excitement, the crowd stands after the Warriors earn another point. The Warriors were able to defeat the Judson Rockets 3-0.

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The Varsity volleyball team played the Judson Rockets on Tuesday, August 23. Despite four athletes getting injured during last weekend’s showcase tournament, the team readily adjusted to lineup assignments and played a smashing three-set game, maintaining a steady lead throughout. 

The first set ended with the closest score of the three sets, 25-19. It took a few plays for the team to warm up to each other, but the Warriors were able to outsmart Judson with a variety of quick attacks and tips.

During the second set, Phoebe Wooster ‘24 executed several short serve/quick tip combos with her left and right-hand attackers, leading to the ending score of 25-9. Judson lost several points to quick-witted decisions made by the right sides, and, unfortunately, could not make up for it anywhere else in the game. Trumping Westwood’s spectacular offense, the serving lineup last night heavily contributed to the lead on Judson.

“I think it’s really important to maintain friendships,” Wooster said. “I know I can always count on Julia Hopkins ‘24 or Kenzie Mcelroy ‘24 to do something with the ball, and that trust is super important in order to win.”

Hopkins, Lola Fernandez ‘23, and Wooster kept up a steady streak of sharp serves against Judson’s defense. Judson’s athletes were not afraid to run for the ball, but their overall team dynamic lacked synchronicity. Westwood kept an outstanding sense of coolness as the game got more intense, and that attitude was a reflection of the team’s close relationship with each other.

“[When serving], I just try not to think about the score,” Hopkins said. “ [I] take a deep breath and focus on getting it over and in.”

The last set ended 25-13, Westwood’s gymnasium erupting in celebration. The team shook hands with their opponents before calling it a night and returning to their locker room. The Warriors will be playing their next games at the Volleypalooza tournament from Thursday, August 25 to Saturday, August 27.