Varsity Football Soars Over Eastview for Season Kickoff


Arushi Sharma

The Warriors line up to prepare for the play. The final score of the game was 42-27 with the Warriors coming up on top.

Conall Coats, Assistant Sports Editor

Last Friday, Aug. 27, the Warriors beat the Eastview Patriots 42-27 at the Birkelbach Stadium. The Warriors were able to come out strong for their first game and set high expectations for the rest of the season.

“When you’re playing the first game of the year, you are trying to get the kids to play with effort and attitude,” Coach Anthony Wood said. “And I thought that was definitely what our kids did tonight.”

With this game plan, Wood supported an offense-heavy game putting up eight points in the first few minutes of the game and leading with wide receiver Grant Jaeger ‘23 with five receptions, four first downs and a total of 49 yards in only the first quarter.

At the end of the first half, it was all looking up for Westwood, driving with a 35-7 lead while maintaining its offense-heavy playset. Aeb Whitley ‘25 caught an interception from the Patriots and helped the Warriors take a larger lead. However, the Westwood defense had three tackles for losses and two fumbles in the second quarter.

It wasn’t over yet for Eastview, with them putting up 20 points in the final quarter of the game by running short and quick plays moving down the field inch by inch. However, Eastview’s multiple back to back onside kicks were covered by the Warriors, putting an end to their short-lived comeback.

“I really thought it was a big team effort to see all these kids come out and play their best,” Wood said. “To see these kids come out and play the way they did was an unbelievable feeling.”