RRISD Hosts Annual College Fair


Lilybeth Dooley

Nuoshi Culanu, an ACC representative at the RRISD college fair, talks to families about options for college. Culanu hands students pamphlets about course options.

Lilybeth Dooley, Multimedia Coordinator

On Tuesday, Sept. 6th, RRISD held their annual college fair, from 6-8 p.m. at Round Rock High School. The fair was open to students across the district and to the public. Students across the community swarmed to get the chance to talk with representatives from 130 colleges across the U.S.

“It really helps you know more about the opportunities you will have in the future,” Riya Chauhan ’25 said.

The college fair offered the opportunity to help students expand on their understanding of college admissions, what each college offers, financial aid, and what scholarships are available. 

“I think that attending college fairs is very important, just to get a better idea of different kinds of schools, to get a better idea of what you’re looking for in a school and also to get information of the application process and financial aid. As a student, you can feel really prepared as well as enjoy the application process,” Leele Nelson, Baylor University representative, said.

The college fair also had opportunities to educate students about schooling options if they are looking to go into the workforce immediately after high school.

“More students are thinking about jumping into the workforce right away, instead of choosing a 4-year institution right away [that] will get students into a big, huge amount of debt,” Nuohsi Culanu, ACC representative, said.

 Representatives from non-traditional education opportunities also attended the fair, including branches of the military, talent scouts from the New York Film Academy, and many others. They attend the fairs to help students form connections with their organizations.

“[College fair] gives people insight on the information about the college, what we have to offer, where we’re located, all of that,” Ken Huitt, an alum from New York Film Academy, said.