Howdy Week: Warriors Wear Their Wackiest Attire

Gerald Helcel ’26 spent a Gru-eling eight hours in costume. There’s a one-in-a-minion chance of seeing this again. (Hadley Norris)

Westwood High School held a weeklong celebration of school spirit from Monday, Aug. 29 to Friday, Sept. 2 called “Howdy Week.” The week started with “Minion Day”, and led up to the first pep rally of the school year. One costume in particular stood out, Gerald Helcel ‘26 dressed up in an inflatable minion costume

“[Wearing the costume] was fun at the beginning of the day, but then progressing throughout the day it started getting tiring getting in and out of the [costume]” Helcel said.

Tuesday, Aug. 30 was for twinning with a classmate or friend, Wednesday, Aug. 31 was Western Day, Thursday, Sept. 1 was Adam Sandler Day, and Friday, Sept. 2 was School Spirit Day, as well as the first pep rally of the year.