JV White Volleyball Narrowly Loses Lead to Mavericks


Hibah Ahmed

Just after the team introductions wrapped up, the Lady Warriors run up to greet their opponents. The introductions to Faculty Night shortly followed.

Sage Clark, Yearbooker

The JV white volleyball team played an intense neck-in-neck match this past Thursday, Sept. 20 against the McNeil Mavericks, which was ultimately decided by mere points in the last ten minutes of play-time. Despite the Warrior’s loss, the team maintained a good fight throughout.

The first set originally started off with an advantageous score of 6-4 against the Mavericks. However, it took a turn when both sides matched 8-8. Six minutes into the round, McNeil took a lead just barely dangling a few points above the Warrior’s heads. With the help of the right side and outside hitters communicating well with the team’s setters, the ball just managed to stay within reach long enough to gain more points for the Warriors. Despite their acquisitions, the Mavericks took the first win with a score of 25-19.

“I think we had a lot of energy going for us because it was really exciting, we play our best when everyone is just having fun,” Libero Lily Toledo ‘26 said. “Something we did very well was communicating- talking to each other and just keeping the energy flowing.”

Starting off similarly with the second set, the teams were point for point until Westwood took the lead 8-6. The lead was held strong with repeated powerful strikes as a result from sets by Sam Kinisky ‘26 and Simone Riha ‘26. Creeping closer to the 25-point finish mark, the Mavericks began catching up, putting the Warriors in yet another standoffish withhold. Westwood won the second set with an ace.

“Catching up for that period when we were losing was definitely the highlight of the game,” Setter Nathalie Kiefer ‘26 said.  “I think we did really well at covering the base and ball.”

For the third and final set, the plays became increasingly intense with what would become the game’s tie-breaker. The Warriors held the lead for a majority of the game with 22 points. However, the Mavericks were able to catch up and win the game with a final spike.

“Every game I see them being able to read each other better and becoming more intuitive,” an anonymous spectator said.  “They came together when it mattered, especially in that second game. They pulled it off and almost won the last period too.”

The Warriors will face off against Stony Point on Tuesday, Sept. 27, at Stony Point at 5:30 P.M.