Science Teacher Ms. Natalie Fischbach Fulfills Her Dreams


Natalie Fischbach

Ms. Natalie Fischbach begins her first year teaching chemistry after working in the film industry in California. Having many influences that made her pursue teaching, Ms. Fischbach decided to become one to make a positive impact. “The relationship building is what I enjoy the most,” Ms. Fischbach said. “Meeting new people, having conversations, and trying to get everybody excited about chemistry.”

Artificial flowers are draped above the whiteboard, in the background, a carefully curated Spotify playlist plays, emulating an atmosphere reminiscent of California; an optimistic environment reflecting safety, serenity, and the teacher who created it.

Ms. Natalie Fischbach, a California native, began her career working within the film industry in Los Angeles before deciding to pursue teaching in search of ways to positively impact the world.

“I decided to become a teacher four years ago,” Ms. Fischbach said. “I [had] been working for the past 10 [or] 11 years in production, film, and television, and I [felt] that in the grand scheme of things, what I was doing didn’t have a lot of meaning.”

Ms. Fischbach obtained her teaching degree in May, she has a Bachelor’s in Science from Western Governors University and took General Education Classes from Los Angeles Pierce College, making this her first year of teaching in her own classroom. However, becoming a teacher was a choice long in the making.

“I come from a family of teachers, so it was [only] a matter of time before I came here,” Ms. Fischbach said.
In addition to her family, Ms. Fischbach’s inspirations include her high school chemistry teacher Mr. Wingert, and professors in college who influenced her decision to become a teacher.

“[Mr. Wingert’s] enthusiasm and passion for the subject did influence my decision,” Ms.Fischbach said. “And then when I got to college, all three of my chemistry professors were incredible as well. Viewing them through the lens of, ‘I wanna do what you’re doing’, I felt super inspired.”

Thus, the traditions Ms. Fischbach inherited come from more than just her family.

“One thing that [Mr.Wingert] did is Mole day, the celebration of Avogadro’s number,” Ms.Fischbach said. “He always went out of his way to make it [a] super special day, so I would like to carry on that legacy as well.”

Identifying kindness and graciousness as critical attributes in her classroom, Ms.Fischbach’s goals for this year are unrelated to grades, but resolute in defining success by her students’ ability to collaborate and respect one another.

“I leave every day exhausted, but knowing that I’m making an impact,” Ms.Fischbach said. “It means a lot to me to be here.”

Ms. Fishbach hopes to continue making this impact throughout this year teaching both IB Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry.