Warriors Block Out Maroon for Second Varsity Football District Win

Conall Coats, Assistant Sports Editor

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  • Right back Ananias Vance ’24 runs through a defender in an attempt to gain yardage for the Warriors. Although unsuccessful, the team was able to successfully run the play in a second down, resulting in a touchdown.

  • Defensive back Scott Uffelman ’25 looks at his teammates as he runs down the field. He was able to gain several yardage before getting tackled down.

  • Quarterback Owen Norrell ’24 runs down the field as an opponent attempts to tackle him down. Norrell was able to gain several yardage for the Warriors and result in a first down.

  • Wide receiver Dylan Cullers ’25 runs with the ball to gain yardage for the Warriors. He was tackled down by two Austin High defenders but was able to result in a first down.

  • Seniors Miriam Daniel, Lucy Curtis, Loren Hall, and Daphne Longenbach take a selfie during the game. The theme this week was Hawaiian.

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On Friday, Sept. 2, the Varsity football team won 20-17 against the Austin High Maroons at the Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex (KRAC). This win gave the Warriors a 2-0 record, a feat they haven’t achieved since 2018, and put Westwood near the top of the district standings for the year.

“This week, we really just worked on the fundamentals,” Head Coach Anthony Wood said. “What was the most important, was to make sure our kids stay focused at the task at hand, and I think they did that really well.”

The first quarter started with an Austin High field goal five minutes into the game. However, the Warriors were able to rally because of an interception at the 29-yard-line by Fred Fisher ‘24, enabling them to drive to the red zone and score.

The second quarter was not the same for the Warriors as they were able to walk out and take a 13-3 lead over the Maroons by the end of the half. A key team member, Defensive and Offensive lineman Jack Ziebell ’25, played every down offense and defense for the entire second half. 

“The game’s outcome was just as I hoped,” Coach Wood said. “Winning is about all we ask of our guys to come out here and do, and they came out here, and they met their objective tonight.”

The second half was a slow start for both teams, with the only points being scored being an Austin High touchdown with 7:30 left on the clock. But with good planning by Offensive Coordinator Randy Osborne, the warriors were able to drive from the 34 and score by the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Finally, in the fourth quarter was a knockdown, drag-out fight for the ball with the only points in the entire quarter being a breakaway pass from the Maroons, racking up the points to 20-17, where it stayed for the entire rest of the game. Both teams did not move the ball past the 40-yard lines from the six-minute mark onward.

The Warriors will face off against the 0-2 Bastrop Bears for their next game at the KRAC on Friday, Sept. 9 at 7:00 P.M.