Freshman Volleyball Destroys Manor Mustangs 2-0

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  • Tensing up, Payton Vopat ’26 prepares to finish the Manor Mustangs. Despite a rough start for the Warriors, the team is still determined to win. “I think we could work on a few things, but we all worked together as a team really well. We were all really supportive when other people messed up,” said Vopat.

  • After matching the score of the opposing team, the Warriors came together to discuss their next move. These last couple points would determine the results of the game.

  • With focus on the ball, Aurelie Giansanti ’26, Natasha Mendoza ’26, and Alice Bickel ’26 move into action to win this next point. Towards the end of the second set, the Warriors were still in the lead, and would go on to win 2-0.

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The freshman volleyball team snatched the victory in their home game on Tuesday, Oct. 18, when grappling with the Manor Mustangs.

The first set was a clear win of 25-16. The Warriors began with a strong lead, tearing up the Mustangs in the initial set, with the opposing team struggling to catch each ball that was sent over the net. The cheers were rising from the fans, drawing more morale for the players.

“I feel like the crowd was really intense and everybody was really supportive,” Briley Dainton ‘26 said. “I feel like we really pushed through and played really well. I don’t think I played all that great, but I feel like towards the end, as the mood went up, I started playing a little better.”

The Mustang’s portion of the crowd was celebrating and encouraging their players with a set of unique chants.

“[Our opponents] were really fun. Their crowd, they were really interesting to listen to,” Dainton said.

The second set was another encouraging win of 25-16. There were some back and forth and some tough moments, but the team charged on.

“I think we could work on a few things, but we all worked together as a team really well,” Payton Vopat ‘26 said. “We were all really supportive when other people messed up. There were some things that I probably shouldn’t have messed up on, that I’ve been working on, but it’s okay. We won.”

The team may have suffered individual losses, but through the team’s constant support, the team pulled through and won together.

“I feel like I did pretty well, especially with serving, because I usually don’t serve well under pressure,” Imy Gao ‘26 said. “[The Mustangs] were really hyped up, their energy was there. I feel like they were pretty solid opponents. I feel like mostly, [we won because] we were working together; trying not to make any errors on our side.”

Overall, the game was a sweeping success. With both teams trying their hardest and with the Warriors’ collaboration, the Warriors defeated the Mustangs.

The freshman team’s next game will be on Friday, Oct. 21, in the small gym at 5:30 P.M.