Warriors Showcase School Spirit and Style at Annual Homecoming Parade

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  • Smiling, seniors Arushi Sharma and Amy Simon pose for a photo as they wait in their convertible for the parade to begin.

  • Avery Hixson ’23 waves from the girls’ lacrosse float. The team’s float theme was female artists of the 90s.

  • Escorted by her friends, homecoming court nominee Tara Van de Vere ’23 smiles after being recognized on the field. Each nominee also received an introduction from head tennis coach Travis Dalrymple.

  • Watching attentively, sophomores Phoenix Mielcarek and Violet Hewett enjoy the pep rally performances. Clubs such as K-Pop and Chinese Yo Yo were among the several organizations that made an appearance.

  • Conducting the pep band, senior drum major Katie Forshay smiles as she keeps time. Band also marched alongside the float displays at the homecoming parade earlier in the evening.

  • Senior cheerleaders Anya Vadayar, Campbell Goss, and Elise Moran address the crowd as they celebrate a successful cheer season. Several students from other sports teams were also given the opportunity to share a message.

  • SunDancer line officer Hannah Bresser ’24 performs alongside her team members.

  • Smiling, seniors Cici Kelly and Faye Merritt wait for the parade to begin.

  • Terin Score ’23, Allie Shepard ’23, Claire Delane ’23, Julia Hopkins ’24, and Trinity Woods ’23 wave from the front of the volleyball team’s float. The float’s theme was Britney Spears.

  • Surrounded by her teammates, Heaven Arteaga ’24 brandishes her lacrosse stick atop the girls’ lacrosse float.

  • The crowd waits for the pep rally to begin. During the rally, various clubs, including Diabolo Club, performed.

    Michelle Faghih
  • Working together to fasten a paper flower, lacrosse athletes Payton Stradford ’26, Amali Oakley ’23, and Savannah Gassiot ’26 make last-minute adjustments to their float. Each teammate chose a female singer to dress as.

  • Court nominees Allen Garcia ’23 and Tori Xiao ’23 wait for the parade to begin.

  • Surrounded by bubbles, Baker Tuthill ’23 and Kaya Chen ’25 lead the theatre float. Theatre students based their float on ‘Spongebob the Musical.’

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On Wednesday, Oct. 19, students and parents filled the Warrior Bowl as ornate floats waited outside the school in anticipation of the annual Homecoming pep rally and parade.

Prior to the pep rally, clubs and organizations represented themselves in a float contest at the Homecoming parade. Following the theme “Music Madness,” students stood in their intricately adorned floats, decked out in costumes representing well-known bands and singers while tossing candy to enthusiastic students, faculty, and families. Warrior Cheer placed third in the float contest with their “Teen Beach Movie” themed float, Swim and Dive in second with “Moana,” and Softball earned first place with their “Grease” themed float. Some students felt that they saw a major improvement in the parade compared to last year.

“Last year there was a lot of disorganization, but this year [the parade] felt pretty good,” Cadet Major Drew Darden ’23 said. “I liked the versatility of the different clubs and how they were represented and their approaches.”

At the pep rally, organizations such as Choir, Warrior Pride, SunDancers, Chinese Yo-Yo Club, and K-pop Club, took the field to showcase their hard work and talent, as students cheered from the sidelines and stands.

“I really wanted to spread the culture of, specifically, the diablo and most other forms of Taiwanese culture,” Chinese Yo-Yo Club performer Keaton Lee ‘23 said. “The performance was very loud and very exciting and we’ve been preparing for this for at least three months.”

After the performances concluded, Homecoming nobility marched down the field, each announced by a description of their career aspirations and role models. Once announced, Homecoming nobility, accompanied by their friends, continued through a Saber Detail, where JROTC students raised their sabers for the nobility to walk through.

Following the annual pep rally, Homecoming festivities will continue with the Homecoming Game on Friday, Oct. 21, and the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, Oct. 22.