JV Orange Volleyball Shuts Down Manor Mustangs


Sabrina Kim

Leaning back to brace for impact, libero Tayla Score ’25 receives a Manor serve. Consistent serve receive allowed Westwood to win back possession easily and keep a strong lead.

Sabrina Kim, Reporter

JV Orange volleyball coasted to a victory against the Manor Mustangs on Tuesday, Oct. 18. The first set closed at 25-10 and the second at 25-7, and throughout the whole game, the home team maintained a multiple-point lead.

“We came into the game knowing they weren’t a very strong team,” Mia Massey ‘25 said, “but we knew that we had to control our side.”

The game opened with equal possession, but insistent spikes and jump serves – plus a block from Olivia Hendricks ‘24 and Harper Zoll ‘25 – led the way to an 11-5 lead for the Warriors and a Manor timeout. After the timeout, Hendricks served with little pushback from the away team for ten points, and the rest of the set continued similarly. After a couple of missed serves, the Warriors took the set at 25-10 with a spike from hitter Dakota Hodge ‘26.

The second set opened with a Manor serve, but the home team quickly regained possession for a 4-1 lead. After a spike from Hendricks at 9-3, possession toggled back and forth until 13-7, at which point outside hitter Massey took the ball to serve. After a service ace at 17-7, the Mustangs called a timeout. After the break, Massey returned to serve but made the decision to switch to topspin serves. Topspin serves involve a high, spinning toss before the jump serve approach, and despite allowing for more power, are notoriously difficult to execute. And though it was Massey’s first time using one during a game, her unreturned topspin serves won the remaining points for a Warrior victory at 25-27.

“I was kind of nervous because my club coach was here, but it was fun,” Massey said. “[The game] went pretty good.”

The Warriors will play their final home game against the Stony Point Tigers on Friday, Oct. 21.