Westwood Loses Grip to Stony Point 45-21 During Homecoming Game

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  • The team celebrates after scoring a touchdown. The Warriors scored two touchdowns during the duration of the game.

  • SunDancers Carly Kienitz ’23 and Sarah Taparauskas ’23 walk down the field after being nominated as Sundancer Nobility. This is the third year being a SunDancer for both of the seniors.

  • Hayden Schultz ’23 runs to an opponent to stop the movement of the ball. He was successful in stopping the ball.

  • Luke Hagen ’23 and Elena Hobbs ’23 walk down the field after being nominated as Golf Nobility. Both Hagen and Hobbs have been on the varsity golf team since their freshman year.

  • Marina Mirabal ’23 and Sohum Sharma ’23 walk down the field after being nominated as Band Nobility. Both Mirabal and Sharma have been in school bands for over six years, with Mirabal starting in middle school and Sharma starting in elementary school.

  • Grant Jaegar ’23 holds the ball for Zach Harris ’23 as he’s kicking. Harris was able to kick the ball through the field goal.

  • Grant Jaegar ’23 holds the ball for Zach Harris ’23 as he’s kicking. Harris was able to kick the ball through the field goal.

  • Peter Hewett ’25 runs several yardages to score a touchdown. He was successful in the play.

  • Grant Jaegar ’23 celebrates with his teammate after running down the field to score a touchdown. The Warriors scored two touchdowns during this game.

  • Jeremiah Ortiz ’23 runs with an opponent behind his back. The two were watchful of each other as the ball traveled down the field.

  • Arm in arm, Gabriel Paredes walks down the field after being nominated for Homecoming Court. He was escorted by Monica Paredes, Pedro Paredes, and Amity Tingley.

  • Under a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) “Sabre Arc,” Tori Xiao walks down the field, escorted by BingBing Lu and Dong Xiao, after being nominated for Homecoming Court. Westwood’s Air Force JROTC program has provided this military tradition for the Homecoming court for many years.

  • Homecoming Royalty Eshaan Chopra and Tori Xiao pose for a picture with Principal Erin Campbell after it was declared they had won the student-body vote. The two received a crown, sash, and bouquet of flowers after winning.

  • Zaina Jafri ’23 and Daphne Longenbach ’23 cheer with the rest of the student section as the drumline played for the student section.

  • The AFJROTC runs down the field after a Warrior touchdown. This was after Westwood’s second and last touchdown.

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The Westwood Warriors took a devastating 45-21 loss to the Stony Point Tigers this past Friday, Oct 21. Last week was the Warriors’ homecoming game and the third from final game of the season. This loss will give the warriors a 4-4 record and 1-4 for district play.

In the first quarter, both teams were off to a fast and powerful start, with Ananias Vance ‘24 helping with six first downs for the quarter. There were many first downs and quick breakaways on all sides of the field. The first of the two touchdowns were scored by Demani Stewart ‘24, tying the game at 7-7. Afterward, the defense stopped the Tigers with a three-and-out drive, followed by a huge catch by Grant Jaeger ‘23, sending the Warriors into a 14-7 lead going into the second quarter.

“Our kids were pretty prepared going into this week,” Coach Anthony Wood said. “However, it turned out, in the end, the end that we had some pretty critical errors that we couldn’t really have planned for that this team threw up against us.”

The second quarter has been known to be a turning point in most Warriors games; this week was no different. The Warriors’ main problem this week was run defense, with three allowed rushing touchdowns in the second quarter. However, Westwood adapted and kept moving the ball down the field with a run-heavy game and a passing game to fall back on. The Warriors would have been able to hold their own. However, a few key slip-ups caused the team several turnovers.

As it was homecoming week, there were many different traditions Westwood put on before the game and halftime, such as crowning this year’s homecoming royalties, seniors Eshaan Chopra and Tori Xiao, as well as the club nobility representatives.

“To the players, this game is no different than any others in the season,” Coach Wood said. “It’s just the next game on the schedule that we have to play our best at.”

In the third quarter, the defensive line on both teams did an excellent job holding each other to minimal to no yardage on each drive. However, with a few unfortunate calls by the refs, the Tigers managed to sneak two more touchdowns onto the scoreboard for a total of 45-14 at the end of the quarter.

In the final quarter of the game, due to Stony Point’s lethargic playstyle, the Warriors were able to hold them to zero points in the quarter by forcing and recovering a fumble down in the Westwood Red Zone. Finally, through a strong series of runs by the running back, supplemented with intermediate medium-length passes to the tight ends, the Warriors were able to drop seven more points on the board, bringing the final score of 45-21.

Next week, the Warriors will face off against the Manor Mustangs at 7:00 P.M. at the Manor Stadium, in the penultimate game of the year.