Celebrating Community, Softball Team’s Dodgeball Fundraiser Creates Competition


Courtesy of Westwood Softball

Grinning, Team Lana Rhodes poses with the gift card tree they won. Team Lana Rhodes won the competition.

On Nov. 11, the softball team held their annual dodgeball tournament fundraiser. Over 20 teams competed in the event, which featured two different styles of brackets: the winner’s bracket, and the loser’s bracket. Following a short warm-up, the tournament began.

“It was really entertaining,” Rishi Baranga ‘23 said. “I love [competing] a lot and it’s great to have this opportunity to support the Westwood Softball team, as well as face off against my peers in a competitive fun game.”

In addition to groups from Westwood, such as members of the cross country and golf teams, various Westwood alumni and the UT Women’s Softball team also made an appearance. An especially tense game occurred when Team Avocadoes from Mexico competed against the UT Women’s Softball team, resulting in a one-on-one standoff that led to Henry Sedberry ‘24, a member of Team Avocadoes from Mexico, emerging victorious.

“It was great [that] we beat the UT Women’s Softball Team. They were a little angry,” Sedberry said. “I thought [the game] was really good and the team fought really hard, I had a lot of fun.”

Rounds continued until only one victor remained in each bracket. In the winner’s bracket, Team Lana Rhodes won, while Team BN won the loser’s bracket. Softball season starts in February.