JV Girls Basketball Suffers Loss Against Georgetown

Sophia Sartor, Heritage Section Editor

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  • Calling out a play, Claire Lee ’26 dribbles down the court. During the game, Lee regularly drove the ball down to the opponents side.

  • Going up for the basket, Ava Sartor 25′ avoids the defense. Sartor helped set up several plays on the court.

  • Scanning the court, Emily Graham ’25 looks for an opening to pass. Graham had many assists throughout the game.

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On Tuesday, Nov. 15, the JV girls’ basketball team played against Georgetown. The Warriors ended with a loss of 47-18, despite a solid push to recover in the third quarter.

Quickly falling behind at the start of the game, Georgetown took an early nine-point lead. Fighting back, Jackson Bowen ‘26 scored a free throw for the Warrior’s first point of the game. Vivian Hapka ‘26 and Harper Zoll ‘25 followed with swift layups.

However, Georgetown counter-attacked, dominating the court for a halftime score of 27-5. Despite this, the Warriors had a strong third quarter push, with Emily Lee ‘26 consistently driving the ball down the court and Bowen pulling off a great rebound, bringing the ball down for a smooth basket.

During the game, the Warriors drew fouls and made several free throw shots. However, they did not have the defense to stop Georgetown from scoring 20 more points in the final two quarters.

“I think fundamentally, our skills could use a lot of honing, but our effort and communication were there,” Ava Sartor ‘25 said.

The Warriors will play their next game against Hutto on Friday, Nov. 21, at 10 A.M. at Hutto High School